All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist b-alidra/xmltv 1.0.0
XMLTV generator
Packagist b-b3rn4rd/hack-bpay-reader 1.0.0
Hack BPAY Reader - Biller Information File Reader
Packagist b-b3rn4rd/phplame
PHP wrapper for LAME (MP3 encoder)
Packagist b-connect/drupal-project 0.9.5
Project template for Drupal 8 projects with composer
Packagist b-dynamic/bapp-agency-theme
Agency Theme Form bapp application
Packagist b-dynamic/composer-installers
Composer Installers for bdynamic bapp application
Packagist b-kaxa/firefly 0.0.1
simple framework for line bot api
Packagist b-strauss/engine 1.0.1
typo3 utilities
Packagist b.schmithuysen/test v2.0.0
Packagist b/modules
PHP package skeleton tool that doesn't suck!
Packagist b00gizm/alexa-skill v1.0.0
OOP wrappers for the Amazon Alexa Skill JSON interface
Packagist b00gizm/symfony-boilerplate-app 0.1.0
The "Symfony Standard Edition" distribution
Packagist b13/environment 1.0.8
Configure multiple environments for TYPO3
Packagist b13/geocoding 2.0.0
Services for using geocoding from Google inside TYPO3 database records
Packagist b13/seo_basics 0.9.6
Basic SEO features for TYPO3
Packagist b2ik/yii2-google-api 0.0.1
yii2 service to use google api
Packagist b2ik/yii2-module-sample v1.0
yii2 simple module books for tests
Packagist b2r/composition v0.1.0
Easy to generate composition php source
Packagist b2r/exception v0.3.0
b2r Exception Component
Packagist b2r/property-method-delegator v0.2.1
Packagist b2r/simple-accessor v0.1.0
Packagist b2r/simple-dump v0.1.0
Packagist b2r/twig v0.2.1
Twig descendants
Packagist b2un0/php-plex 0.0.3
Connect to your Plex library through php
Packagist b3da/dyn-form-bundle
Symfony bundle for dynamic forms
Packagist b3da/eos-bundle
Symfony bundle for easy OpenSSL operations
Packagist b3da/pusher-bundle
Symfony bundle for Android and Ios push notifications
Packagist b3it/gnucash-eloquent 0.1.5
Laravel Eloquent models for the GnuCash MySQL backend.
Packagist b3it/laravel-memcached-plus 4.0
Extends the built-in Laravel 5 Cache Memcached driver adding support for persistent connections, SASL and Memcached options.
Packagist b3n/azurestorage 0.1.4
TYPO3 FAL driver extension for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage