All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist CKAN/php-client
Packagist Carpe-Hora/SmsSender 1.4.0
The almost missing SMS sending PHP 5.3 library.
Packagist Chumper/Zipper v1.0.1
This is a little neat helper for the ZipArchive methods with handy functions
Packagist CodePlex/PHPExcel 1.7.8
PHPExcel - OpenXML - Create Excel2007 documents in PHP - Spreadsheet engine
Packagist c-datculescu/amqp-base 0.6.2
Allows easy declaration and management of complex AMQP configurations
Packagist c006/yii2-activeform v0.5.0
Nicer ActiveFields
Packagist c006/yii2-alerts v1.0.0
Display simple alert message(s) on page
Packagist c006/yii2-alias-url 2.2
Supports alias URL's. AKA seo URL's
Packagist c006/yii2-auto-crud v1.0.0
Adds a model and crud for each table in the database
Packagist c006/yii2-feedback
Feedback Module
Packagist c006/yii2-migration-utility v1.2.2
Automatically writes the create tables for migrations or create tables in general
Packagist c006/yii2-paypal-ipn v1.0.0
This is a simple PayPal IPN listener, no other files required.
Packagist c006/yii2-submit-spinner v1.3
Adds a div overlay with a spinning loader on submit
Packagist c0710204/avos-php-sdk
Avos php sdk not offical,debug by c0710204
Packagist c0710204/tv-calendar-api
Packagist c0de8/phalcon3-debug-widget 0.1.1
Phalcon debug toolbar for Phalcon 3
Packagist c0de8/phalcon3-monolog
Phalcon 3 logger adapter for Monolog
Packagist c0demonk/user-bundle v2.0.0-alpha3
Symfony FOSUserBundle
Packagist c0dex/acoustid API wrapper
Packagist c0mecl4rity/seventhheaven
7THeaven - Experimental PHP Framework
Packagist c0py/adldap2-lumen 1.0.0
Adldap2 for Lumen 5.
Packagist c0py/wmi-laravel
WMI Access for Laravel.
Packagist c15k0/psfs v0.9
Php Simple Fast & Secure
Packagist c18/c18
Packagist c18/cms v0.0.1
CMS based on The Laravel Framework.
Packagist c18cms/admin v0.0.1
CMS based on The Laravel Framework.
Packagist c18cms/helpers
CMS Helpers for The CMS C18.
Packagist c2is/apns-sender
Send batch notification to multiple devices through Apple services.
Packagist c2is/doctrine-cache-invalidation-bundle v1.0.5
C2is Doctrine Cache Invalidation Bundle
Packagist c2is/json-extractor v1.0.1
Library for extracting JSON from a string or DomDocument object