All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist d-ashesss/console 0.2.0
PHP interface to linux console advanced features
Packagist d-bmysql/d-bmysql
Mysqli Essential DB Class This class can access MySQL databases with mysql and mysqli. It comes with a
Packagist d-f-d/anti-form v1.5.0
Polymer form like form but polymer
Packagist d-f-d/anti-locale v1.0.0
Russian locale for something
Packagist d-f-d/anti-panels v1.1.1
AntiPanels like Panels everywhere system but AntiPanels
Packagist d-f-d/d_submodules v8.1.13
Drupal submodules module
Packagist d-f-d/polymerconnect v2.0.2
polymer connector
Packagist d-f-d/twig v1.2.1
Drupal sugar, BEM and early render
Packagist d-rivera-c/silverstripe-faq 1.1.0
Provides Q&A pages and Solr-based search
Packagist d-scribe/console v1.0.0
dScribe Console Component
Packagist d-scribe/core
Library of classes for the dScribe Framework to function.
Packagist d-scribe/laraquick v3.4.1
A collection of classes to be extended/used in laravel applications for quick development
Packagist d-scribe/stdlib
dScribe Standard Library
Packagist d-shout/laravel-wysiwyg
Packagist d/d
Packagist d0liver/lib v1.0.1
PHP Library
Packagist d0niek/generic-collection 1.0.0
Generator for generic collections.
Packagist d0niek/php-generic 1.0.2
Generator for generic array/vector.
Packagist d11wtq/boris v1.0.10
A tiny, but robust REPL (Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop) for PHP.
Packagist d1am0nd/alpha-vantage 0.1.1
Simplified Laravel Alpha Vantage API client
Packagist d1maz/array-combine
Unlike the PHP array_combine() this don't override the equal keys & gives you more flexibility.
Packagist d1maz/foundation5_grid
Foundation 5 Grid Wrapper.
Packagist d1maz/simple_pdo
This class simplifies the work with Prepared Statements of PDO extension.
Packagist d1maz/simple_upload
Upload files easily to your server.
Packagist d1rk/radium v1.1.1
lithium application framework
Packagist d1rk/radium-app v1.0.1
radium based li₃ application distribution, including overarching directory layout, starting application, and a copy of the lithium framework.
Packagist d1s/codaphp 1.0.1
PHP class for handling CODA files (financial files for Belgian banks)
Packagist d1studio/memcache-tools 0.0.7
Memcache tools 是一个基于PHP的memcache命令行工具
Packagist d1studio/php-command v0.0.1
php-command 是一个命令行基础模块
Packagist d1studio/php-common 0.0.2
php-common 是一个常用的PHP库