All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist EHER/PHPUnit 1.6
Unofficial version of PHPUnit to be handled with Composer.
Packagist e-artspace/pimple-env-provider 1.0.0
A super simple, Silex compatible, lightweight service provider to override Pimple container parameters with the value of environment variables.
Packagist e-artspace/resourceful 3.0.0
A framework for rapid prototyping REST applications
Packagist e-butik/iodophor 1.0
A PHP library for binary IO and bit twiddling
Packagist e-commerce-site/actionmanagementbundle
action management bundle
Packagist e-comprocessing/magento2-ecp-plugin 1.1.3
E-ComProcessing Payment Gateway for Magento 2
Packagist e-frank/jquery-plugins
Some helpers for jquery
Packagist e-frank/yii2-base
Basic Javascript configuration helpers and locale detection
Packagist e-frank/yii2-bootstrap-material-datetime-picker
AssetBundle for bootstrap-material-datetimepicker
Packagist e-frank/yii2-data
Helpers for persisting relational data from arrays
Packagist e-frank/yii2-datetimepicker
AssetBundle for bootstrap datetimepicker
Packagist e-frank/yii2-dragula
asset-bundle and widget for dragula drag and drop library
Packagist e-frank/yii2-dropzone
yii2 Asset for dropzone.js
Packagist e-frank/yii2-handlebars
Handlebars asset for yii2
Packagist e-frank/yii2-knockout
ActiveForm replacement. Automatically generates knockoutjs viewmodels from yii ActiveRecords. Allows computed fields and nested forms.
Packagist e-frank/yii2-moment
AssetBundle for momentjs
Packagist e-frank/yii2-requirejs
Just loads require.js to keep it in one place.
Packagist e-frank/yii2-select2
AssetBundle for select2
Packagist e-frank/yii2-selectivity
Selectivity InputWidget for yii2
Packagist e-frank/yii2-selectize
Selectize InputWidget for yii2
Packagist e-lang/moodle-mod_elang 1.3.1
A moodle module for learning foreign languages
Packagist e-moe/guzzle-regexp-mock-plugin v1.0.0
Mock plugin for Guzzle3 with regexp match urls
Packagist e-moe/guzzle6-bundle v1.1.7
Integrates Guzzle 6 into your Symfony application
Packagist e-sixt/rabbitmq-service-provider 2.0.0
Silex service provider for RabbitMQ. Integrates php-amqplib/rabbitmq-bundle into Silex.
Packagist e-ucm/xapi-profile2html 0.2.2
HTML generator for xAPI JSON-LD profiles
Packagist e0ipso/amazon-sqs-php-extended-client-lib 1.0.0-alpha
An extension to the Amazon SQS client that enables sending and receiving messages up to 2GB via Amazon S3.
Packagist e0ipso/drupal-unit-autoload 1.0.0
Allows you to load classes in non standard unknown file locations.
Packagist e1himself/axis-materialized-path-repository-plugin 0.1
Plugin to use materialized path as hierarchy backend for Propel entities
Packagist e1himself/html5lib-php
Packagist e1stuff/layered-laravel-container
Library allows to use nested Laravel service containers for different environments (global + one container per environment)