All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist FriendsOfPhp/pickle v0.4.0
Installer for PHP extension, supports pecl package or install from src tree directly
Packagist f-plus/millennium-php
Online booking API client for Millennium Spa & Salon
Packagist f/f-bootstrap-form v4.1
PHP Bootstrap Form Helper
Packagist f/framework-f v0.1.3
Framework F Yet Another Framework
Packagist f/fruit v1.0.1
a fruit library for framework f
Packagist f1ames/opengraph
Open Graph Protocol helper for PHP - A small library for making accessing of Open Graph Protocol data easier
Packagist f1code/wputils
WP Utilities
Packagist f1r3starter/expert-sender-api 0.3.1
Simple API for expert sender service
Packagist f1v-developers/simplecaldav
A simple php CalDAV-Client library. Connect, create, change, delete... easy to use
Packagist f21/dnsmadeeasy 1.0.5
A simple php library to work with DNSMadeEasy's API v2.0
Packagist f21/jwt 2.0
JWT (JSON Web Tokens) for PHP
Packagist f21/paradox 2.4.0
Paradox is an elegant Object Document Mananger (ODM) to use with the ArangoDB Document/Graph database server.
Packagist f2face/router
A tiny routing system.
Packagist f2face/wayback-machine
Wayback Machine ( API wrapper
Packagist f2face/ytdl-api
PHP library for YouTube-DL
Packagist f2m2/apidocs 2.0.1
Laravel API Documentation Generator
Packagist f3ath/appnexus 0.3.0
Simple AppNexus ( client
Packagist f3ath/code-sniffs 0.0.3
Sniffs for PHP_CodeSniffer v3
Packagist f3ath/curlwrapper 0.1.2
The simplest OOP wrapper for curl, curl_multi, curl_share functions. Use CURL as a dependency, not hard-coded!
Packagist f3ath/flock 1.0.0
Simple locking mechanism on top of flock(). Ideal for cron jobs.
Packagist f3ath/forkrunner 1.0.2
A simple framework to run code in parallel processes
Packagist f3ath/git-changelog 1.0.7
Changelog Release Notes Generator for Git and PHP
Packagist f3ath/lazypdo v0.1.2
LazyPDO is a wrapper over PHP's standard PDO class. It postpones the instantiation of the original PDO class until one is really needed. Also it can be (un)serialized.
Packagist f3ath/pimple-config 1.0.0
Simple multi-environment configuration for Pimple with secret storage support
Packagist f3ath/simpleuber 1.0.0
Simple UBER API client
Packagist f3l1x/kleinsmarty 0.2
Klein.php router with Smarty template engine.
Packagist f3l1x/nette-plugins 1.0.0
Plugins, features, tweaks and other stuff to Nette Framework
Packagist f3l1x/xhosting
All tools in one place
Packagist f500/equatable v1.3.0
Equatable objects and collections in PHP
Packagist f500/event-sourcing
A "simple" Event Sourcing library for PHP