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Name Latest version Description
Packagist g-six/l5-api-documentor v0.0.9
Generate beautiful API documentation from your Laravel application
Packagist g-six/laravel-apidoc-generator 2.0.0
Generate beautiful API documentation from your Laravel application
Packagist g/crud-generator 0.1.1
php artisan command to generate fully working crud with grid paginated server side only by having database tables
Packagist g105b/phpcsv v1.0.3
Wraps SplFileObject's CSV capabilities with a more human approach
Packagist g1k/yii2-direct-api
Yii2 Api Direct library
Packagist g1ntas/swiftmailer-sparkpost-bundle v1.0.1
Swiftmailer Sparkpost transport as a Symfony bundle
Packagist g2design/framework-git 1.0-stable
Packagist g2design/g2-modules
Packagist g2design/g2-utilities
Modules that can be used with the g2app framework
Packagist g2design/g2app v1.0
A small PHP framework
Packagist g2design/website-module
Module for quickly deploying a website
Packagist g33kcentric/crawl-truncate
Truncates page source when being visited by twitter or facebook crawl bot
Packagist g33kcentric/fakerlol 1.00
A Leage of Ledgends provider for faker
Packagist g3luka/silex-config-service-provider 0.2.1
Based dafiti/config-service-provider config service provider for Silex 2.0
Packagist g3n1us/datatidy 1.0.3
Get data from Google Sheets or other sources, and return standardized, structured, tidy data
Packagist g3n1us/genius_components 1.0.6
Create componentized HTML widgets
Packagist g3n1us/laravel-usda-nutrition-data
Laravel-Powered data visualization of nutrition information provided by the USDA
Packagist g3n1us/pub V0.6-beta
Open Source Publication Software
Packagist g3r4/php-jira-rest-client 1.15
Fork of JIRA REST API Client for PHP to not require dontenv, uses env variables instead
Packagist g4/buffer 0.1.0
g4 buffer package
Packagist g4/cdn 1.4.0
cdn php library
Packagist g4/clean-core 0.17.3
clean-core php library
Packagist g4/code-coverage 1.3.0
Packagist g4/collection 2.3.1
collection php library
Packagist g4/commando 0.4.0
PHP command-line interface
Packagist g4/config 0.3.1
g4 application config manager
Packagist g4/constants 0.6.15
G4 constants that are used for all day stuff and this is good way to organize them
Packagist g4/cron 0.1.2
g4 cron like parser with ability to parse expressions with resolution in seconds - based on PHP Cron Expression Parser
Packagist g4/crypto 2.0.0
crypto - encryption php library
Packagist g4/data-mapper 1.1.22
data-mapper php library