All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist h-byte-hegelian/bitwasp-bitcoin-lib v1.2.3
Implementation of raw transactions in bitcoin, HD wallets, Electrum wallets, and other fun stuff.
Packagist h-enk/json-sitemap 1.0.2
WordPress plugin that generates a JSON sitemap on non-production environments - for use with UnCSS as a PostCSS plugin
Packagist h-moriya/cakephp-dotenv 0.0.1
cakephp-dotenv plugin for CakePHP
Packagist h-sn/geophp 0.9.0
Packagist h-wang/code-space v1.0.0
Managing your code - projects and repositories
Packagist h-wang/utf-bom-fixer v1.0.0
UTF BOM fixer
Packagist h-war/plevok
Plivo PHP helper library to access PlivoCloud API and generate Plivo XML
Packagist h00x00f/docx-to-text 1.1
Simple PHP Docx to text class.
Packagist h00x00f/urlshortener 1.0.2
URL shortening
Packagist h0akd/bootstrapform
Twiter bootstrap 3
Packagist h0akd/htmlminify
Html auto minify for laravel framework
Packagist h0gar/csv v0.1
Packagist h0gar/xpath 0.1.4
Packagist h1cms/h1cms-ueditor
yii2 ueditor plugin
Packagist h1fi/h1-auto-image-download
If an image is not found in WordPress, this plugin downloads the image from another server. Makes it easy to mirror production for development purposes..
Packagist h1g/proxmox v1.0.0
Laravel 5 Bindings for the ZzAntares ProxmoxVE composer package
Packagist h1soft/h v1.3.6
Packagist h2/aspect
CMS Role Based Package for Laravel Not Stand Alone Package
Packagist h2akim/b2-php
BackBlaze API
Packagist h2akim/billplz 1.0.0
BillPlz Payment Software API
Packagist h2akim/googl 1.0.1
Google URL Shortener API
Packagist h2akim/pdfwatermarker
PDF Watermarking Package
Packagist h2akim/senangpay-php
SenangPay Payment Gateway PHP Library (unofficial)
Packagist h2ero/php-trie-tree 1.0.5
Trie tree implementation for PHP
Packagist h2g/ytilitu 1.4.0
H2G Internetagency Utilities
Packagist h2lsoft/tpln v4.0-beta.1
TPLN is a fast php template engine (include form error catcher)
Packagist h2s/reddit-api-client 2.1
Provides an interface to the API at
Packagist h34/laravel-venezuela
Paquete para Laravel 4 y 5 con modelos y migraciones para estados, ciudades, municipios y parroquias de Venezuela
Packagist h3r2on/acs 1.0.0-beta
A package for inteacting with Appcelerator Cloud Services
Packagist h3x3d/container
Simple DI Container