All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist JorgenPhi/php-snapchat
A PHP library for the Snapchat API
Packagist j-ben87/behat-html-formatter v0.1.0
This will create a html formatter for Behat.
Packagist j-ben87/data-bundle 1.2.1
Allow to load fixtures datasets through command line.
Packagist j-ben87/parsley-bundle 1.4
Convert Symfony constraints into data-attributes for client-side validation with Parsley.
Packagist j-crowe/open-weather v1.2.0
A very simple wrapper for Open Weather
Packagist j-engine/basic
It's an J-Engine for developing
Packagist j-kair/laravel-ali-oss
Aliyun OSS SDK for Laravel
Packagist j-kurst/legion-framework-master
Legion Framework. A Php Framework for modern, secure and responsive web applications
Packagist j-lara/tz
this is tesaract ocr w
Packagist j-velasco/php-circuit-breaker
Packagist j0an/urlify
Port to Laravel4 of jbroadway's PHP port of URLify.js from the Django project. Transliterates non-ascii characters for use in URLs.
Packagist j0k3r/graby 1.13.0
Graby helps you extract article content from web pages
Packagist j0k3r/graby-site-config 1.0.49
Graby site config files
Packagist j0k3r/httplug-ssrf-plugin v1.0.0
Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) protection plugin for HTTPlug
Packagist j0k3r/php-imgur-api-client 3.0.1
Imgur API v3 client
Packagist j0k3r/php-readability 1.1.9
Automatic article extraction from HTML
Packagist j0k3r/safecurl 2.0.2
A drop-in replacement for 'curl_exec', designed to prevent SSRF attacks.
Packagist j0nem/addressbook-bundle 0.1-beta
Provides family addressbook features for Contao 4.
Packagist j0nem/redirect-outlook-spam 0.0.1
Packagist j0sh0nat0r/simple-cache v1.0.6
A simple yet modular PHP caching library
Packagist j0sh0nat0r/simple-config v1.0.0-beta1
A simple yet modular PHP configuration library
Packagist j13k/yaml-lint 1.1.2
A compact command line utility for checking YAML file syntax
Packagist j1mmyl3303/cpanel-laravel
cPanel API Package for Laravel
Packagist j20/php-uuid
Generate a UUID v4 with PHP.
Packagist j2made/eva 1.0.0
Adds functionality to Apollo and Gemini stacks.
Packagist j3dyy/gif-generator 1.0.0
GifGenerator is a Project that creates animated GIF from multiple images
Packagist j3dyy/jlogger 1.1.1
Laravel MySQL driver for Monolog
Packagist j3j5/lastfm-apio
A simple PHP wrapper for the API that allows you to launch parallel requests.
Packagist j3j5/php-twee-parser
A PHP parser for JSON Twee files.
Packagist j3j5/twitterapio v1.2
A wrapper for the great tmhoauth to use with Twitter's API.