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Name Latest version Description
Packagist j42/laravel-firebase 0.4
A Firebase port for Laravel (4.2+)
Packagist j42/laravel-twilio v0.0.11a
A Twilio port for Laravel (4.2+)
Packagist j4id/util 1.0.0
Miscellaneous utility functions for Symfony, Twig and Doctrine
Packagist j4k/oauth2-vkontakte 1.1.1
Vkontakte provider for league/oauth2-client
Packagist j4mie/idiorm v1.5.5
A lightweight nearly-zero-configuration object-relational mapper and fluent query builder for PHP5
Packagist j4mie/paris v1.5.6
A lightweight Active Record implementation for PHP5, built on top of Idiorm
Packagist j4p/kayakel 0.2.1
Packagist j5/cs
CodeSniffer standard of J5lx
Packagist j5/oauth2-maniaplanet
ManiaPlanet OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
Packagist j5/oauth2-trackmania
TrackMania OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
Packagist j5lx/aur-client
Easy access to the Arch User Repository
Packagist j5lx/configstore v0.1.2
Easily load and persist config without having to think about where and how. Port of the Node.js module found at
Packagist j5lx/debouncer v0.1
A debouncer implementation for PHP.
Packagist j5lx/path v0.2.2
A library for handling paths
Packagist j69/lunas
Basic framework
Packagist j7mbo/aurex 1.0.2
aurex is a merge between the Silex micro-framework and the awesome Auryn dependency injector.
Packagist j7mbo/torrent-php
Library for talking to various torrent clients with PHP
Packagist j7mbo/twitter-api-php 1.0.6
Simple PHP Wrapper for Twitter API v1.1 calls
Packagist j7tools/j7debug
调试工具 by Jose : 通过浏览器插件 firePHP/chromeLogger ,把php代码的调试信息输出在 console , 通过header头传递数据,不会中断 response , 适合调试 ajax 等过程 , 说明看代码里的
Packagist j92/business-days
Simplistic date enricher
Packagist j955/test-sdk
jin10 demo
Packagist jaacoder/yii2-activated 0.2.7
Set of tools to work with Yii2 active records and rest controllers.
Packagist jaam/mixpanel-data-export-api v0.1.2
Wrapper for the Mixpanel Data Export API.
Packagist jaam/silex-optimus-provider v0.1
A Silex Service Provider for the Optimus ID transformation library
Packagist jaambaa-software/mail-sender v0.0.6
All in one, mail sender library
Packagist jaamne/arabtemplate V1.0.1
Arab template engine
Packagist jaamne/controller V1.0.1
controller jaamne
Packagist jaamne/cookie V1.0.0
cookie jaamne
Packagist jaamne/database V1.0.2
Jaamne Database component
Packagist jaamne/exceptions V1.0.1
Exceptions jaamne