All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist k-batch/fgz-rest-client 1.4.1
REST API Client for FGZ app
Packagist k-gun/acurl 2.2.0
A cURL wrapper super easy...
Packagist k-gun/oppa 3.3.1
Oppa: Database abstraction, query building and active record implementation with PHP.
Packagist k-hei/lombok-like v2.2.2
Automatic get and set using native function __call
Packagist k-ko/json 1.0.0
JSON wrapper can handle commented JSON
Packagist k-komarov/ml-epay 1.0.0
MLePay Api client
Packagist k-rainer/laravel-imap
Laravel 4 IMAP Wrapper
Packagist k-shym/urfa-client 1.1.0
Universal PHP client billing system NetUp UTM5 based api.xml
Packagist k/core
Simple and Lightweight yet powerfull MVC framework
Packagist k/div 0.6
A simple to use datamapper orm
Packagist k00ni/knorke
Packagist k00ni/octopus
Packagist k0l1br1/phalcon-modular-rest-skeleton
Phalcon REST skeleton
Packagist k0nias/mpdf v6.0-beta
A PHP class to generate PDF files from HTML with Unicode/UTF-8 and CJK support
Packagist k0pernikus/currency-converter 1.0.2
Currency conversion using the Eurpean Central bank rates
Packagist k0pernikus/
PHP wrapper library to consumes the
Packagist k0re/env 0.1.0
Simple PHP environment setup
Packagist k0re/localconfig 0.3.0
Simple toolset for CLI config reading
Packagist k10r/deployment 1.0.1
Adds some helpers for shopware-deployment
Packagist k10r/papertrail 1.0.0
Sends plugin and core logger logs to
Packagist k10r/staging 1.0.0
Shopware-Staging Env for k10r-Projects
Packagist k10r/version-central-tracker v1.0.1
VersionCentral Tracker
Packagist k1low/breadcrumb 1.0.1
Breadcrumb plugin for CakePHP
Packagist k1low/controller_prefix 2.5.5
`Controller name prefix' custom route plugin for CakePHP
Packagist k1low/darumaotoshi v1.1.0
"Archive and delete" (slide delete) plugin for CakePHP 3
Packagist k1low/enumm 2.0.1
Enumm: Enum(model) plugin for CakePHP
Packagist k1low/escape 2.0.0
Auto escaping plugin for CakePHP
Packagist k1low/exception 3.1.0
Exception plugin for CakePHP
Packagist k1low/exec 3.0.0
Exec plugin for CakePHP
Packagist k1low/faultline v0.4.1
faultline exception and error notifier for PHP