All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist l-guo/file
Packagist l-j/log 1.0.0
Laravel log
Packagist l-vitaly/doctrine-common v2.6.1
Common Library for Doctrine projects
Packagist l-vitaly/doctrine-orm v2.5.4
Object-Relational-Mapper for PHP
Packagist l/youtube v1.2.1
Laravel PHP Facade/Wrapper for the Youtube Data API v3
Packagist l0gin/slim-3-mdl-skeleton 1.5.0
Slim Framework 3 skeleton with Twig, Monolog, Front & Back office template based on MDL.
Packagist l0gin/slim-3-poo-skeleton 2.0.3
Slim Framework 3 POO skeleton with Web, Secured API and Cli endpoints.
Packagist l0rd59/behat-ldap-extension 0.1.0
Behat Ldap Extension
Packagist l2cri/image v2.0.21
Image handling
Packagist l2nsoft/bangladate
Bangla Date, English date in bangla
Packagist l2wok/bnet
PHP OAuth2.0 for Blizzard API.
Packagist l3/cas-bundle 1.1.7
PHPCas wrapper for Symfony2
Packagist l3/cas-bundle-test 1.0.0
PHPCas wrapper for Symfony2
Packagist l3/client-api-glpi-bundle 1.0.0
Bundle Symfony 2.7 for simple use webservices of GLPI.
Packagist l3/jasper-bundle 1.0.0
Use jasper reports
Packagist l3/ldap-user-bundle 1.1.12
Identity Provider from LDAP
Packagist l3/ldap-user-udl-bundle 1.0.8
User provider from LDAP UDL
Packagist l3/nuxeo-automation-php-client 1.0.4
PHP Client Library for the Nuxeo Automation API with Portal SSO Authentication
Packagist l3/photo-bundle 1.1
PhotoBundle client for RefPhoto Symfony2/Symfony3
Packagist l3/uid-user-bundle 1.0.5
User Provider for CAS (return only the UID)
Packagist l3/ws-annuaire-xivo 1.0.0
Application Symfony 2.7 provide a directory internal white page with phone numbers for Xivo throw a webservice who returns datas in CSV format
Packagist l3l0/php-travis-client
PHP implementation for travis API
Packagist l3yincubator/search-bundle 0.1
Database search made it very simple task
Packagist l4asistemas/cidades-brasil
Laravel's Migrations and Seeders for Brazilian States and Cities
Packagist l4mod/sentryuser 1.1
Sentry user is an extension of the Sentry module with user management and permissions.
Packagist l4p1n/form-builder 0.1.6
A form builder with errors and auto-refill support
Packagist l4p1n/l4p1n-framework
L4p1n's framework
Packagist l4p1n/l4p1n-framework-session 1.0
Session component of the l4p1n-framework
Packagist l4p1n/l4p1n-framework-view 1.0
View component for l4p1n-framework
Packagist l4p1n/russian-doll-caching 1.0.1
Russian doll caching inspired from Ruby with Laravel 5 support