All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist m-adamski/symfony-helpers-bundle 1.0.0
Helpers Bundle for Symfony
Packagist m-akef/testpackage
Packagist m-arfian/yii2arfian
Simple extension for yii2
Packagist m-bymike/array-functions 0.0.3
An array wrapper to normalize php array functions, give them an ObjectOriented and functional programming approach.
Packagist m-bymike/easy-ssl 0.1.1
an object oriented wrapper for open ssl in php
Packagist m-bymike/xml-handler 0.1.1
a little helper to xml handling with DOMDocument. opening and especial a powerful validating tool, where errors are not simply written to the logs. you're able to get them and present it anywhere.
Packagist m-chan/editormd for laravel
Packagist m-fejczaruk/symfony2-rest-skeleton 0.2
The Symfony2 "Rest edition skeleton" based on "Symfony Standard Edition" distribution
Packagist m-jch/date 1.1.2
Fix all needs to date in php
Packagist m-paap/laravel-image-cache
Packagist m-paap/simpleimage 3.3.3
A PHP class that makes working with images as simple as possible.
Packagist m-r-r/lazy-container v0.1.0
Smallest possible Dependency Injection container
Packagist m-renou/dompdf v0.8.0
A fork of DOMPDF is a CSS 2.1 compliant HTML to PDF converter
Packagist m-shimao/find-in-file-cache
File Cache plugin for CakePHP
Packagist m-tymchyk/emoji-flag v1.0
Library that help convert country ISO codes to emoji flags
Packagist m-tymchyk/esputnik 0.3.0
Refactored ESputnik connector by Dmytro Kulyk
Packagist m/db v0.4.0
Packagist m/sql v0.1.0
Packagist m00nk/yii2-b3w 1.1.0
Twitter Bootstrap 3 widgets
Packagist m00nk/yii2-dynimage 1.1.2
Dynamic image for Yii2
Packagist m00nk/yii2-dynmodel2 2.0.1
Dynamic model Yii2 component
Packagist m00nk/yii2-dynmodels
Dynamic Models
Packagist m00nk/yii2-elfinder 1.1.2
Yii2 ElFinder based on mihaildev/yii2-elfinder
Packagist m00nk/yii2-feedback-form 2.5.0
Feedback Form widget
Packagist m00nk/yii2-fullcalendar 1.2.3
FullCalendar Yii2 widget
Packagist m00nk/yii2-google-map-selector 1.0.4
Google Map Selector Widget
Packagist m00nk/yii2-jsk 2.0.3
JavaScript functions Kit
Packagist m00nk/yii2-rbac 2.1.1
Silmple RBAC (like in Yii)
Packagist m00nk/yii2-scrollreveal 1.0.1
ScrollReveal for Yii2
Packagist m00nk/yii2-tinymce 2.1.1
TinyMCE widget