All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist OndrejBrejla/Eciovni 1.1
Component for generating invoices using Nette Framework and mPDF library.
Packagist o-log/php-auth 2.70
User authentication and permission management.
Packagist o-log/php-bt 6.6
PHP wrapper for Bootstrap
Packagist o-log/php-crud 4.46
Packagist o-log/php-html 1.10
HTML generation library
Packagist o-log/php-layouts 1.17
Layout features
Packagist o-log/php-lib 1.42
Useful PHP libraries
Packagist o-log/php-logger 1.11
Store and view model changes history.
Packagist o-log/php-model 6.21
Fast PHP ORM with caching.
Packagist o-log/php-router 1.6
PHP router built around classes
Packagist o-shabashov/readmegen 1.2.0
Readme file / doc generator. It uses VCS logs as a source of information.
Packagist o0khoiclub0o/hellosign-php
HelloSign PHP is a PHP lib you can use to get your PHP app connected to HelloSign's services in minutes
Packagist o0khoiclub0o/honeybadger-php 0.1.0
Unofficial PHP library for reporting errors to
Packagist o0ps/o0ps-acl-navigation v1.0
Zend Framework 2 Module for Navigation using Acl
Packagist o0ps/o0ps-authorization v1.0
Authorization based on DoctrineORMModule and ACL
Packagist o0ps/o0ps-user v1.0.1
Authentication based on DoctrineORMModule
Packagist o100ja/rug v0.1-alpha
PHP CouchDB client
Packagist o2s/addressbook 0.0.1
Laravel 5 Contact Management system.
Packagist o2s/issues v0.0.1
Basic Issue Tracking
Packagist o2system/core
O2System Core Framework
Packagist o2system/gears
PHP Developer Tools Library
Packagist o2system/o2bootstrap v2.0.0
PHP Bootstrap Components Generator
Packagist o2system/o2cache v1.0.3
Open Source Cache Management Driver Library
Packagist o2system/o2core
O2System Core Framework
Packagist o2system/o2curl v1.1.1
Lightweight HTTP Request Libraries
Packagist o2system/o2db v2.0.0
PHP Data Objects (PDO) Wrapper
Packagist o2system/o2file v1.1.1
Packagist o2system/o2gears v2.0.1
PHP Developer Tools Library
Packagist o2system/o2glob v2.0.1
Mini Singleton Core Framework aka Super Global Object
Packagist o2system/o2image v1.1.0
O2Image is a PHP Image Manipulation Class