All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist q-phalcon/for-server v0.0.1
The QPhalcon framework
Packagist q-phalcon/kernel v0.2.0
The QPhalcon framework's kernel code
Packagist q-phalcon/q-phalcon v0.2.0
The QPhalcon framework
Packagist qa-tools/qa-tools v1.2.1
Library that provides easy-to-use way of interaction with web-page elements in functional tests using PageObject pattern.
Packagist qa4it/l52mpdf6 0.1.0
mPDF wrapper for Laravel 5.2
Packagist qaamgo/onlineconvert-api-sdk 2.3
Sdk for using the Online Convert Api version 2
Packagist qadept/codeception-qaapi 1.0.0
Codeceprion module to work with QA API
Packagist qadept/tunnel 1.0.1
Creating a tunnel to for local testing
Packagist qadk/helloworld v1.0.0
just say 'hello world'
Packagist qafeen/aadhaar v0.1
Aaadhaar Bridge for laravel.
Packagist qafeen/lumenite
A Lumen based API centric framework which has prebuild some boilerplate, laravel/passport.
Packagist qafeen/manager v0.1
Manage, install and search laravel base packages.
Packagist qafoo/pheanstalk-cli
Packagist qafoo/quality-analyzer
Helper for code reviews
Packagist qafoo/rmf 1.0.0
Very simple VC framework which makes it easy to build HTTP applications / REST webservices
Packagist qafoo/ser-pretty
Pretty print serialized PHP data
Packagist qafoolabs/bepado-demo-shop
Example shop to show implementation of bepado SDK
Packagist qafoolabs/framework-extra-bundle v2.5
Various improvements for Symfony applications
Packagist qafoolabs/no-framework-bundle v2.5
Various improvements for Symfony applications
Packagist qafoolabs/php-refactoring-browser v0.1
Refactoring Browser for PHP
Packagist qafoolabs/profiler v1.3.6
Simple library that wraps Xhprof profile collection and sends to Qafoo Profiler
Packagist qafoolabs/symfony2-workshop v0.3
A Symfony2 Testing setup
Packagist qafoolabs/xhprof-collector v0.1
Simple library that wraps Xhprof profile collection.
Packagist qambar/datetimepicker-bundle 2.3
Symfony bundle for Bootstrap DateTime picker
Packagist qandidate/stack-request-id 0.4.1
Middleware for adding request id to Symfony Request.
Packagist qandidate/symfony-json-request-transformer 1.2.1
A Symfony 2 event listener for decoding JSON encoded request content
Packagist qandidate/toggle 1.0.1
Feature toggling for your PHP application.
Packagist qandidate/toggle-api 0.3.0
Api interface for your toggles.
Packagist qandidate/toggle-bundle 0.5.0
This Bundle provides the integration with qandidate/toggle. It provides the services and configuration you need to implement feature toggles in your Symfony application.
Packagist qaraqter/phphighcharts
PHP wrapper for HighCharts