All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist Respect/Data 0.2.2
Persistence simplified
Packagist Respect/Validation 1.1.15
The most awesome validation engine ever created for PHP
Packagist r-baker/3taps-php-client
Client library for 3taps data commons APIs ( Built on top of Guzzle.
Packagist r-berto811/symfony-debug 1.0.3
Commands for comfortable development
Packagist r-bruha/doctrine v3.2.x-dev
Doctrine integration into Nette Framework
Packagist r-bruha/nette-generator
Packagist r-bruha/test-repo
Packagist r-forge/r-forge v0.1.0
Simple and elegant framework solution for beginners.
Packagist r-green/jsonrpc-client 1.4
JSON RPC Client for PHP 5.4+
Packagist r-martins/pagseguro-magento2
PagSeguro Transparente para Magento 2
Packagist r-tk/rtk-coding-standard 0.0.4
RTK Coding Standard
Packagist r-tk/rtk-db
Packagist r-tk/rtk-registry 0.0.4
RTK Registry
Packagist r/u2f-two-factor-bundle 0.5.0
Use U2F-Keys as 2FA for Symfony2, using scheb/two-factor-bundle
Packagist r/uikit-bundle
Use UiKit in Symfony
Packagist r0bdiablo/laravel5-phumbor 0.1.0
Laravel 5 package adding support for the Phumbor PHP library for Thumbor.
Packagist r0dgerv/api-client-abcp 0.5.2
API client
Packagist r0dgerv/api-client-tradesoft 0.4
API client
Packagist r0man25/tag-parser 2.0.0
example project
Packagist r0mdau/jisly 1.0.0
Light NoSQL database, JSON file data storing
Packagist r0n1k/yii2-imagewidget
Simple widget to upload images
Packagist r15ch13/peculiar v2.1.0
An extension to the Laravel Eloquent Model. It allows the use of UUIDs (ramsey/uuid) as primary keys.
Packagist r1pp3rj4ck/TwigstringBundle
Renders strings instead of files with Twig
Packagist r3h6/ghost-content 1.0.4
Shows not assigned content elements in the page module.
Packagist r3k4/ck-storage v0.6.1
A simple cloudkilat storage s3 class for laravel
Packagist r3k4/freesms4us 1.0.1
Laravel 5 | freesms4us package
Packagist r3k4/nusoap v0.9.5
NuSOAP re-packaged for Packagist/Composer
Packagist r3n0e0/env-php 0.1.0
A utility that provides several functions for accessing environment variables.
Packagist r3n0e0/ssh-config 0.1.0
A ssh config parser for PHP
Packagist r3oath/hive v2.1.0
Hexagonal architecture framework for Laravel 5.1