All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist s-anasol/vk v0.2.1
The PHP class for API. With HTTP proxy and captcha recognition via antigate support
Packagist s-bhojani/validation 0.5.0
Fork of
Packagist s-churkin/cform
Web Forms lib for test job Guestbook & simple php progects
Packagist s-deb/slim-security
A PSR-7 compliant security middle
Packagist s-dev/cms_lara_5 1.0.224
Builder cms
Packagist s-ichikawa/laravel-sendgrid-driver 2.0.1
This library adds a 'sendgrid' mail driver to Laravel.
Packagist s-ichikawa/sendgrid-api-builder
This library build a sendgrid api.
Packagist s-nakajima/content-comments
ContentComments for NetCommons Plugin
Packagist s-nakajima/files
Files for NetCommons Plugin
Packagist s-nakajima/mails
Mails Plugin for NetCommons
Packagist s-nakajima/net-commons
NetCommons Plugin
Packagist s-nakajima/release-sample 3.1.3
Packagist s-nakajima/videos
Videos for NetCommons Plugin
Packagist s-nakajima/visual-captcha
VisualCaptcha for NetCommons Plugin
Packagist s00d/guzzle-http-request 1.0.23
GHR is a simple Guzzle wrapper + multiple request + DomCrawler
Packagist s00d/permissions
Laravel 5 package for handling user roles and permissions.
Packagist s02/yii2-models-gallery
Model gallery for Yii 2
Packagist s02/yii2-photobank
Model photobank for Yii 2
Packagist s12v/phpque 0.0.3
Lightweight Disque client
Packagist s18606022419/composer
this is a study
Packagist s1dd/magus v1.0.0-beta
Import data (with CSV/JSON parsing built-in) into any Laravel Model
Packagist s1f3r/symfony-model-loader-bundle
This bundle helps to lazy load model classes
Packagist s1lentium/craft-recurring-dates
This is a plugin for the Craft CMS to add recurring dates functionality
Packagist s1lentium/iptools v1.1.0
PHP Library for manipulating network addresses (IPv4 and IPv6)
Packagist s1lviu/2performant-public-data 1.0-beta.3
PHP wrapper for 2Performant API
Packagist s1nc4p/order
Order management system
Packagist s1rxploit/laravel-datatable
This is a laravel 4 package for the server and client side of datatables at
Packagist s2/rose
Search engine for PHP sites
Packagist s2b3k/backend
Backend package with basic functionality for Laravel apps.
Packagist s2way/pay_component
Component for integration with the Pay Gateway