All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist t-kanstantsin/yii2-author-behavior
Author behavior for Yii 2 framework.
Packagist t-kanstantsin/yii2-cache-model
Caching static models component for Yii 2 framework.
Packagist t-keller/google-authenticator-provider
Google Authenticator provider for Silex based on PHPGangsta/GoogleAuthenticator
Packagist t11n/entity-explorer-bundle v0.1.1
Bundle for browsing and modifying Doctrine Entities
Packagist t14/open-platform-php 0.1
PHP library for utzlizing the The Guardian Newspaper's Open Platform
Packagist t1gor/robots-txt-parser v0.2.3
PHP class to parse robots.txt rules according to Google, Yandex, W3C and The Web Robots Pages specifications.
Packagist t1l3/slack-notifier-bundle 0.1
A simple wrapper for Slack notifications
Packagist t1mmen/opauth-divvy 1.0.1
Opauth strategy for Divvy
Packagist t1mmen/opauth-freckle 1.0
Opauth strategy for Freckle
Packagist t1mmen/opauth-outlook 1.0.1
OUtlook/Office 365 Connect strategy for Opauth
Packagist t1mmen/opauth-slack 0.1.1
Basecamp strategy for Slack
Packagist t1mmen/opauth-timely 0.1.1
Opauth strategy for Timely
Packagist t1mmen/opauth-trello 0.1
Trello strategy for Opauth
Packagist t1mmen/opauth-wakatime 1.0
Wakatime strategy for Opauth
Packagist t1mmen/opauth-wunderlist 1.0
Opauth strategy for Wunderlist
Packagist t1st3/famfamfam-flags 0.5.1
FamFamFam Flags icon pack
Packagist t1st3/php-json-minify 0.6.2
Packagist t2/streams 0.1.0
Packagist t20n/holder v1.0.1
A placeholder image generator.
Packagist t20n/larabelt v1.0.1
A set of helper methods for laravel
Packagist t301000/laravel-ntpc-openid 0.2.3
Laravel 5 OpenID integration package for ntpc
Packagist t3chn0crat/laravel-ldap-connector 0.2-Alpha
Authenticate with and fecth data from LDAP in Laravel
Packagist t3chnik/flysystem-cloudinary-adapter
Flysystem Cloudinary Adapter
Packagist t3cs/t3cs_sessions 2.2.1
T3CS Session Views
Packagist t3easy/basepackage
A basepackage for TYPO3
Packagist t3easy/faltranslation 2.1.0
Work around
Packagist t3g/blog 1.2.0
This blog extension use TYPO3s core concepts and elements to provide a full-blown blog that users of TYPO3 can instantly understand and use.
Packagist t3g/blog-template 1.2.0
blog template extension
Packagist t3g/editors-choice 0.0.1
Improvements for TYPO3 Editors
Packagist t3g/elasticorn 1.1.0
elastic manager based on elastica