All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist UsabilityDynamics/lib-model
Packagist UsabilityDynamics/lib-requires
Packagist u-alberta/authentication 2.1.0
Packagist u-alberta/ist-coding-standard 1.0.3
The coding standard for IST.
Packagist u-alberta/o-auth-client-management
Packagist u-alberta/uoda-client 3.0.5
A PHP client to interface with the UAlberta Open Data API (UODA)
Packagist u-alberta/uoda-migrations 0.0.2
Database migrations for the UODA project
Packagist u-developpement/repository
Laravel Repositories
Packagist u-paid/laravel_jwt_auth 1.0.3
JSON Web Token Authentication for Laravel 4 and 5
Packagist u/public_html
Packagist u01jmg3/ics-parser v2.0.4
ICS file parser
Packagist u0mo5/tools
Packagist u2u-packages/delivery-manager 1.0.5
Onfleet delivery manager
Packagist ua-parser/uap-php v3.4.7
A multi-language port of Browserscope's user agent parser.
Packagist ua1-labs/sylius-connector-bundle 2.0.0
A Symfony Bundle created to easily integrate Sylius into your existing project.
Packagist ua1-labs/ulfberht 1.1.0
Ulfberht is a powerful and light weight service based PHP Dependency Injection management tool.
Packagist ua1-labs/ulfberht-application 0.3.5
The application framework for an Ulfberht Shell Application.
Packagist ua1-labs/ulfberht-debug
Adding debugging features to your ulfberht application.
Packagist ua1-labs/ulfberht-shell
The beginnings of a default MVC Ulfberht Project.
Packagist ua_drupal/ua_bootstrap
University of Arizona's official sub-theme for Bootstrap.
Packagist ua_drupal/ua_cas
Pre-configures the contrib Drupal CAS module to work with the University of Arizona's WebAuth central authentication service.
Packagist ua_drupal/ua_quickstart
Install Drupal with the UA QuickStart install profile.
Packagist ua_drupal/ua_quickstart_builder
Project template for Drupal 8 sites built with the UA QuickStart distribution.
Packagist uafrica/commonmark-ext v0.1.1
Extended parsers and renderers for The PHP League CommonMark parser
Packagist uafrica/delayed-jobs v6.0.6
A CakePHP Plugin to manage and process background jobs with priority and retries
Packagist uafrica/kit-kat v4.1.0
Got a KitKat?
Packagist uafrica/oauth-server v0.2.0
OAuth Server for CakePHP 3 using the PHP League's OAuth2 Server
Packagist uagrace/yii2-like-dislike-widget v1.0.1
Yii2 like-dislike widget
Packagist uagrace/yii2-widget-likedislike
Yii2 like-dislike widget
Packagist ualberta-iapps/simplesamlphp-mod-kerberos
Kerberos authentication module for SimpleSAMLphp