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Name Latest version Description
Packagist v-cult/phalcon 0.1
Manage Phalcon's projects using MYSQL. Cli commands to easily create controllers, actions, tasks, javascript and less files with some librairies managed with bower. Project template with google connect and websocket. Internal libraries management with Full SCRUD on the fly and complete Rest API
Packagist v-dem/queasy-app
Packagist v-dem/queasy-core
Packagist v-dem/queasy-db
Packagist v-dem/queasy-validation
Packagist v-grabko/go-rpc-php-client 0.1.3
Библиотека позволяет из под php общатся с Golang.
Packagist v-matsuk/time-overlap-calculator 1.0.0
Time overlap calculator
Packagist v-six/silex-raven 0.1.2
A Silex Service Provider for Raven
Packagist v-technologies/simpl-es 0.4.5
ElasticSearch PHP API. Simpler. Really.
Packagist v.ilinyh/reformagkh-parser website parser
Packagist v0lume/yii2-meta-tags v1.2.3
DB based model meta data for SEO
Packagist v108b/nette-bsforms
Templates for Nette Forms using Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework
Packagist v108b/nette-modal
Component for modal windows
Packagist v2e4lisp/preview 2.0
mocha.js like bdd test framework
Packagist v3knet/devel-module
Packagist v3knet/module 0.2.0
Packagist v3knet/queue-module 0.2.0
Packagist v3knet/system-module 0.2.0
Packagist v3kwip/ppp
PHP Pullers & Pushers
Packagist v3labs/math 0.5.0
Math library for php 5.4+
Packagist v3labs/payubiz 0.3.0
PayUbiz library for PHP
Packagist v3project/app-v3-shop 1.1.3
Магазин V3Project на базе SkeekS CMS
Packagist v3project/yii2-helpers 1.0.8
Yii2 helpers
Packagist v3toys/skeeks v2.x-dev
Module for skeeks cms
Packagist v3toys/yii2-api 1.0.1
V3toys yii2 api
Packagist v3toys/yii2-v3project-api 1.0.1
V3toys yii2 api
Packagist v3u3i87/tool
php Personal toolkit
Packagist v3u3i87/upadd v3.x-dev
Upadd is a small PHP MVC framework, and realize more light more driving model operation
Packagist v5/demo
a test composer product
Packagist v8-ict/laravel-smart-cache v0.2.1
Allows to capture the entire response with a middleware, and while caching it observer the checksum of the database tables used to create the response, if any related table has a modified checksum, it refreshes the response. This makes it serve live data, but then cached as long as it is not modified. Huge reduction of resource consumption and keep data live.