All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist x-bird/smarty 1.4
改自latrell/smarty,增加配置项,让其支持fis smarty插件的配置项.
Packagist x-cms/media v1.0.2
media module for x-cms
Packagist x-cms/media-module v1.0.0
media module for x-cms
Packagist x-com/websolveleadsupportsystemclient
Client for sending leads to Websolves Lead Support System
Packagist x-feng/taobao-skd 1.0
taobao open api
Packagist x-feng/xiecheng
Packagist x-fran/g-trends v1.0.0
Google Trends API for PHP
Packagist x-fran/tar-users 1.0.0-rc.1
A generic user registration and authentication module for ZF3.
Packagist x-platform-consulting/phoenix-php-sdk 1.0.0
Packagist x-soft-ua/xscanner
Packagist x000000/storage-manager 0.3.2
Storage manager with thumbnails support
Packagist x1125/firebase-admin-sdk 1.0.0
Firebase Admin SDK
Packagist x1ankun/yii2-zoom v1.1.0
Yii 2的扩展包装Zoom
Packagist x1c/demo
Packagist x25/rpc-server 0.1.0
Reflection based JSON-RPC server
Packagist x2ts/cache v2.2.2
Cache comoponents for x2ts
Packagist x2ts/core v2.2.3
The core of x2ts framework.
Packagist x2ts/init v2.0.4
Packagist x2ts/model-init v1.0.0
Regenerate model comments according to database
Packagist x2ts/route v2.2.0
The router and action for x2ts
Packagist x2ts/view v2.2.1
The template engines for x2ts.
Packagist x2ts/x2lib-aliyun-search v1.0.0
Aliyun Open Search Wrapper
Packagist x2ts/x2lib-jpush v2.0.0
JiGuang push classes
Packagist x2ts/x2lib-oss v2.0.1
Aliyun OSS wrapper
Packagist x2ts/x2lib-qrcode v2.0.2
QRCode wrapper for x2ts
Packagist x2ts/x2lib-smtp v2.0.0
PHPMailer wrapper for x2ts
Packagist x2ts/x2ts v2.5.1
The core of x2ts framework.
Packagist x2ts/x2ts-curl v2.0.0
The cURL wrapper for x2ts
Packagist x2ts/x2ts-daemon v2.0.0
The daemon module
Packagist x2ts/x2ts-i18n v2.0.1
The internationalization module