All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist x-com/websolveleadsupportsystemclient
Client for sending leads to Websolves Lead Support System
Packagist x-soft-ua/xscanner
Packagist x000000/storage-manager 0.3.2
Storage manager with thumbnails support
Packagist x1125/firebase-admin-sdk 1.0.0
Firebase Admin SDK
Packagist x1427/dina
Packagist x1a/x1a
A few of my reusable PHP things
Packagist x25/rpc-server 0.1.0
Reflection based JSON-RPC server
Packagist x3tech/laravel-shipper 0.5.0
Integrate Docker into your Laravel development workflow
Packagist x3wil/czech-stemmer v0.1
Port of stemmer for Czech language
Packagist x3wil/machine-learning v0.1.1
Packagist x4d/sbadmin2-template-bundle v1.1
Symfony2 Bundle for Start Bootstrap SB Admin 2 Template
Packagist x59/horde-exception 2.0.8
Horde Exception Handler
Packagist x59/horde-idna 1.0.4
IDNA backend normalization package
Packagist x59/horde-listheaders 1.2.4
Horde List Headers Parsing Library
Packagist x59/horde-mail 2.6.3
Horde Mail Library
Packagist x59/horde-mime 2.9.5
Horde MIME Library
Packagist x59/horde-stream 1.6.3
Horde stream handler
Packagist x59/horde-stream-filter 2.0.4
Horde Stream filters
Packagist x59/horde-stream-wrapper 2.1.3
Horde Stream wrappers
Packagist x59/horde-support 2.1.5
Horde support package
Packagist x59/horde-test 2.6.0
Horde testing base classes
Packagist x59/horde-text-flowed 2.0.3
Horde API for flowed text as per RFC 3676
Packagist x59/horde-translation 2.2.1
Horde translation library
Packagist x59/horde-util 2.5.7
Horde Utility Libraries
Packagist x8core/framework
A Simple PHP Framework
Packagist xaamin/blade v1.0
Laravel blade templating out of the box
Packagist xaamin/curl v1.2.0
CURL Wrapper
Packagist xaamin/encoding v1.0.1
PHP Class Encoding that fixes mixed encoded strings.
Packagist xaamin/hashing v1.0.3
Password hashing
Packagist xaamin/jwt v1.0.1
PHP Implementation of JSON Web token with RSA