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Name Latest version Description
Packagist y-urbanevich/combinator
Get all possible combinations.
Packagist y-urbanevich/laravel-create-update-trait
Create/Update trait to Laravel 5.4
Packagist y-urbanevich/laravel5-create-update-trait
Trait for Laravel 5.4
Packagist y-yamagata/psysh-laravel 0.1.0
add psysh command.
Packagist y-zono/kong-hmac 0.1.1
Packagist y0lk/oauth1-etsy 1.0.0
Etsy API OAuth 1.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth1-Client
Packagist y0lk/sqldumper 0.1.1
SQL dump utility
Packagist y284663247/qrcode
qrcode create base phpqrcode
Packagist y284663247/wxpay
Packagist y78/oot 1.0
Packagist y78/router v1.02
Packagist y78/test
Packagist y80x86ol/laravel-modules
modules for laravel5
Packagist y80x86ol/normal-api
a crypt for php
Packagist y80x86ol/simpla
The Simpla PHP Framework
Packagist y80x86ol/simpla-framework
The Simpla PHP Framework Core.
Packagist ya_4d/site-position
Packagist yaap/theme 2.3.0
Theme support for Laravel 4/5 with assets, theme extends etc.
Packagist yaapi/di v1.0.2
YaAPI DI Package
Packagist yab/cerebrum v1.1.2
The easiest way to add some mental magic to any part of your Laravel/Lumen app.
Packagist yab/crudmaker v1.2.2
An incredibly powerful and some say magical CRUD maker for Laravel
Packagist yab/crypto v1.0.6
Cryptography tools for Laravel and Lumen
Packagist yab/formmaker v1.1.1
A remarkably magical form and input maker tool for Laravel.
Packagist yab/homeforge v0.3.0
A tool for adding and removing domains from homestead
Packagist yab/laracogs v2.2.4
Prepare your Laravel apps incredibly fast, with various commands, services, facades and boilerplates.
Packagist yab/laratest v0.1.1
The easiest way to generate tests from your existing files and routes.
Packagist yab/quantum v0.1.4
A pre-built use case of Quarx for even more rapid building of sites and apps.
Packagist yab/quarx v2.3.10
Add a CMS to any Laravel apps gain control of: pages, blogs, galleries, events, custom modules, images and more.
Packagist yab/quazar v0.0.3
An E-Commerce platform for Laravel Apps using Quarx
Packagist yab/watts v0.1.6
Prepare your Lumen micro-service apps incredibly fast, with various commands, services, and configs.