All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist a1comms/laravel-middleware
Shared Laravel 5.1 compatible middleware.
Packagist a1comms/pim-community-appengine v1.6.0-ALPHA1
The "Akeneo Community Standard Edition" distribution
Packagist a1comms/protobuf v1.0
PHP implementation of Google's Protocol Buffers
Packagist a1essandro/diamond-and-square v2.3.0
Algorithm for generating heightmaps
Packagist a1essandro/larrays
Large arrays and lists
Packagist a1essandro/neural-network v0.1.2
Artificial neural network
Packagist a1essandro/perlin-noise v1.2.0
Algorithm for generating heightmaps
Packagist a1essandro/roman-numbers
Easy conversion int <-> roman numbers
Packagist a1k4id/alkaid-db
PDO_MySQL Singleton
Packagist a1k4id/mysql
PDO_MySQL Singleton
Packagist a1s/php-zabbix-agent
Zabbix Agent implemented in PHP for long living php-servers
Packagist a2design-company/mandrill-cakephp-plugin 1.0.1
Mandrill CakePHP plugin
Packagist a2design-inc/cakephp-image-manager v0.5
CakePHP Image Manager plugin
Packagist a2design-inc/cakephp-twilio v1.0.4
Twilio CakePHP plugin
Packagist a2design-inc/laravel-db-backup 1.0.2
Artisan command for backup Laravel application database
Packagist a2design-inc/laravel-form-builder v0.2.2
Form Builder for the Laravel Framework
Packagist a2design-inc/laravel4-acl v1.0.2
ACL component for Laravel 4
Packagist a2design-inc/minify 2.1.3
A package for minifying styles and javascript
Packagist a2design-inc/php-html-parser 1.7.6
An HTML DOM parser. It allows you to manipulate HTML. Find tags on an HTML page with selectors just like jQuery.
Packagist a2design-inc/phpseclib 2.0.3
Packagist a2design-inc/upload
CakePHP plugin to handle file uploading sans ridiculous automagic
Packagist a2design-ink/sendgrid-webapi-cakephp-plugin v1.0.1
Sendgrid WebAPI CakePHP plugin
Packagist a2design/aiml v1.1.3
AIML parser
Packagist a2design/eloquent-presenter 2.1.0
Model Presenters for Laravel
Packagist a2design/extended-crud v1.0.8
Extends templates compiling for appzcoder/crud-generator
Packagist a2design/laravel-list-db v1.2.1
Allows DB structure listing (with types)
Packagist a2design/laravel-reviewable 2.3.1
Reviewable Polymorphic Eloquent Models for Laravel 5
Packagist a2design/laravel-service-provider 1.0.0
DRY Service Provider for Laravel 5 Packages
Packagist a2e/arc2 2.3.1
ARC2 RDF library for PHP
Packagist a2e/converter
ARC2 parsers output to Erfurn Converter for PHP