All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist a2design-inc/minify 2.1.3
A package for minifying styles and javascript
Packagist a2design-inc/php-html-parser 1.7.6
An HTML DOM parser. It allows you to manipulate HTML. Find tags on an HTML page with selectors just like jQuery.
Packagist a2design-inc/phpseclib 2.0.3
Packagist a2design-inc/upload
CakePHP plugin to handle file uploading sans ridiculous automagic
Packagist a2design/aiml v1.1.3
AIML parser
Packagist a2design/eloquent-presenter 2.1.0
Model Presenters for Laravel
Packagist a2design/extended-crud v1.0.8
Extends templates compiling for appzcoder/crud-generator
Packagist a2design/laravel-list-db v1.2.1
Allows DB structure listing (with types)
Packagist a2design/laravel-reviewable 2.3.1
Reviewable Polymorphic Eloquent Models for Laravel 5
Packagist a2design/laravel-service-provider 1.0.0
DRY Service Provider for Laravel 5 Packages
Packagist a2lix/auto-form-bundle 0.1-beta.1
Automatize form creation
Packagist a2lix/i18n-doctrine-bundle 0.1
Manage i18n for your doctrine objects
Packagist a2lix/translation-form-bundle 2.1.2
Translate your doctrine objects easily with some helps
Packagist a2nt/silverstripe-dropzone 1.4.3
An HTML5 upload field for the CMS and frontend forms.
Packagist a2nt/silverstripe-member-profiles
SilverStripe extendable profile areas. Provides registration page and extendable profile page area.
Packagist a2test/testcart
Send abandoned cart emails
Packagist a2way/laravel-app-settings 1.1.0
Save data in a table called "app_settings" and retrieve them.
Packagist a2way/laravel-hash 1.2.0
Packagist a2way/laravel-tenant-migrate 1.4.0
A2Way Laravel Tenant Migrate
Packagist a3020/guzzle-mutable-config 0.1.3
Guzzle Client with a mutable config
Packagist a3020/quiz
Create a quiz based on Slim, Bootstrap, JSON and Twig.
Packagist a3bhea/larryfour v1.0.2
A model and migration generator for Laravel 4
Packagist a3gz/boilerplate-sb2
A working Admin application built with Chubby using Star Bootstrap SB2 as default template.
Packagist a3gz/bp-auth
Auth module for A3gZ/BoilerplateSB2 and Chubby
Packagist a3gz/chubby
Chubby is a PHP framework built around Slim that propose one way to organize code.
Packagist a3gz/chubby-app-params
Application Paramters module for Chubby
Packagist a3gz/chubby-assets
Assets module for Chubby
Packagist a3gz/chubby-locale
Locale for Chubby
Packagist a3gz/chubby-view 0.0.1
PHP Renderer for Chubby
Packagist a3gz/currency
Simple currency formatter