All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist asgard/starter v0.3.1
Asgard PHP Framework Starter
Packagist asgard/templating v0.3.1
Packagist asgard/tester v0.3.1
Packagist asgard/validation v0.3.1
Packagist asgard83/gov-maker
Government template for Laravel 5.2 Artisan Command
Packagist asgard83/simple-view-maker
Simple view maker for Laravel 5.2 Artisan Command
Packagist asgardcms/adminlte-theme 1.15.1
An AsgardCMS administration theme
Packagist asgardcms/asgardcms-installer 0.6
AsgardCms application installer.
Packagist asgardcms/attribute-module
Packagist asgardcms/block 2.2.0
A module to create small blocks of content to display anywhere on the site.
Packagist asgardcms/blog-module 2.2.0
A blog module for AsgardCMS.
Packagist asgardcms/contact 0.2.0
Packagist asgardcms/core-module 1.24.3
The core module for AsgardCMS. This is required for every install.
Packagist asgardcms/dashboard-module 1.10.0
Dashboard module for AsgardCMS. Handles the display of the dashboard.
Packagist asgardcms/flatly-theme 1.2.0
An AsgardCMS Flatly bootswatch theme
Packagist asgardcms/media-module 1.26.0
Media module for AsgardCMS. Handles the media library.
Packagist asgardcms/menu-module 1.17.0
Menu module for AsgardCMS. Handles all the menus.
Packagist asgardcms/notification-module 1.4.0
Module handling the real time notifications
Packagist asgardcms/page-module 1.16.0
Page module for AsgardCMS. Page management.
Packagist asgardcms/platform 3.0.3
The AsgardCms application.
Packagist asgardcms/setting-module 1.14.0
Setting module for AsgardCMS. Handles all the site settings.
Packagist asgardcms/tag-module
Tag management in AsgardCMS
Packagist asgardcms/translation-module 1.14.0
Module containing all AsgardCms translations
Packagist asgardcms/user-module 1.18.0
User module for AsgardCMS. Handles the authentication and authorisation as well as the user management.
Packagist asgardcms/workshop-module 1.17.1
Workshop module for AsgardCMS. Handles the activation of modules.
Packagist asgeirsh/curllib v1.0.0
Interface and class for CURLing from PHP
Packagist asgeirsh/ssbapi
Et enkelt, objektorientert PHP-verktøy for å spørre ut SSBs API.
Packagist asghaier/openfolio 1.0
Open Social is a distribution for building social communities and intranets.
Packagist asghaier/openfolio_scripts v1.0
Repo that contains scripts for Openfolio that are not generic enough to be in the distro repo (e.g. docker scripts).
Packagist asgoodasnew/coding-standard 2.0.2
CodeSniffer ruleset for the AsGoodAsNew coding standard