All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist atishamte/htmlminify 1.0.1
Minify HTML to single line on render
Packagist atishamte/piexl
PHP wrapper of phpexcel library
Packagist atishoo/dingtalk_robot 1.0
Packagist atk/coupon v1.0.1
This is a first composer packagist.
Packagist atk14/api-data-fetcher v1.0.1
Client library for communication with ATK14 restful API
Packagist atk14/country-field
Country select field localized for every single language. It is intended to be used in ATK14 Forms.
Packagist atk14/dbmole-panel
A panel for Tracy Debugger with DbMole statistics
Packagist atk14/drink-markdown
Extended PHP Markdown parser tuned for usage in ATK14 projects
Packagist atk14/files v1.1
A PHP class for basic file manipulation
Packagist atk14/ip-matcher
Small class for checking ip addresses
Packagist atk14/mail-panel
A panel for Tracy Debugger showing html and plain output of ApplicationMailer
Packagist atk14/pupiq-client v1.2
Pupiq client for ATK14 applications
Packagist atk14/slug-field
ATK14 form field for entering slugs
Packagist atk14/string-buffer v1.0
StringBuffer is a PHP class providing operations for string buffering
Packagist atk14/templates-panel
A panel for Tracy Debugger in an ATK14 project. Displays nested list of all rendered templates.
Packagist atk14/textmit-client
Client for indexing and searching engine
Packagist atk14/translate v1.0
A PHP class for converting strings between character maps
Packagist atk14/url-fetcher v1.0
Class providing methods to make http requests
Packagist atk14/url-field
ATK14 form field for entering URL
Packagist atk4-wp/atk4-wp v1.0.0-beta.1
Use Agile Toolkit framework for WordPress plugin development.
Packagist atk4/atk4 4.3.2
Agile UI - User Interface Component Library
Packagist atk4/atk4-homepage
AgileToolkit pseudo static site addon
Packagist atk4/core 1.2.2
Agile Core - collection of PHP Traits for designing object-oriented frameworks
Packagist atk4/data 1.2.0
Agile Data - Database access abstraction framework
Packagist atk4/dsql 1.1.4
Dynamic SQL Builder in PHP
Packagist atk4/laravel-ad
Extension for Laravel to natively integrate with Agile Data (
Packagist atk4/markdown
AgileToolkit markdown javascript editor
Packagist atk4/messages
AgileToolkit universal messaging system
Packagist atk4/schema 1.0.2
Agile Schema
Packagist atk4/traits
PHP helper traits