All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist arcanedev/laravel-disqus 0.1.0
A simple Disqus integration for Laravel 5
Packagist arcanedev/laravel-excel 1.0.0
This package allows you to export an array/Laravel Collection as an excel/csv file or import it.
Packagist arcanedev/laravel-html 5.5.0
HTML and Form Builders for the Laravel Framework
Packagist arcanedev/laravel-impersonator 1.2.0
This package allows you to impersonate as an other user.
Packagist arcanedev/laravel-lang 2.0.0
Translations manager and checker for Laravel 5 based on 'caouecs/laravel4-lang' package.
Packagist arcanedev/laravel-markdown 1.3.0
Markdown parsing for Laravel with blade directives
Packagist arcanedev/laravel-messenger 3.0.0
Simple messaging system for Laravel
Packagist arcanedev/laravel-nestedset 1.1.0
Nested Set Model for Laravel
Packagist arcanedev/laravel-notes 2.0.0
Provides the ability to add notes to your Eloquent models in Laravel.
Packagist arcanedev/laravel-seo 0.6.0
SEO Package for Laravel.
Packagist arcanedev/laravel-settings 2.1.0
This package allows you to persists configs/settings for Laravel projects.
Packagist arcanedev/laravel-sitemap 1.1.0
A sitemap generator for Laravel.
Packagist arcanedev/laravel-tracker 0.10.0
Tracker package for Laravel.
Packagist arcanedev/localization 2.1.0
Localization Package for Laravel
Packagist arcanedev/log-viewer 4.4.1
Provides a Log Viewer for Laravel 5
Packagist arcanedev/markup 1.2.0
PHP HTML Markup generator
Packagist arcanedev/menus 0.2.0
Menu builder for Laravel 5.
Packagist arcanedev/moduly 2.1.1
Modules manager for ARCANESOFT
Packagist arcanedev/no-captcha 5.0.1
No CAPTCHA (new Google reCAPTCHA) with Laravel support
Packagist arcanedev/notify 3.4.0
Flexible flash notifications helper for Laravel.
Packagist arcanedev/qr-code 1.0.2
QR Code generator
Packagist arcanedev/robots 2.0.0
Robots.txt generator
Packagist arcanedev/route-viewer 1.1.0
Route Viewer is a package that allows you to view all Laravel routes eloquently
Packagist arcanedev/sanitizer 3.1.1
Sanitizer Helper
Packagist arcanedev/seo-helper 1.4.2
SEO Helper is a framework agnostic package that provides tools & helpers for SEO (Laravel supported).
Packagist arcanedev/settings 1.2.0
Persistent settings for Laravel.
Packagist arcanedev/socialite 0.1.0
Laravel wrapper around OAuth 1 & OAuth 2 libraries.
Packagist arcanedev/spam-blocker 1.4.1
Spam Blocker is a package that allows you to block referral spammers
Packagist arcanedev/stripe 5.0.0
Stripe PHP Library
Packagist arcanedev/support 4.2.1
ARCANEDEV Support Helpers