All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist avirdz/laravel-git-sniffer v1.2.1
An artisan command to check your code standards via pre-commit git hook.
Packagist avirdz/laravel-qparser v0.1.2
Parses query string like Facebook graph API to filter output data on your own API system
Packagist avisota/contao 3.2.0
Avisota newslettersystem for contao
Packagist avisota/contao-avisota-twig-override 1.0.4
Avisota Twig Override.
Packagist avisota/contao-bundle-all 3.2.0
Install all Contao components for Avisota.
Packagist avisota/contao-core 3.2.0
Avisota newslettersystem for contao
Packagist avisota/contao-css-to-inline-style 3.1.0
Avisota newsletter replace css to inline styles
Packagist avisota/contao-message 3.4.0
Manage messages within the backend.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-analytics-ga 3.1.0
Google analytics tracking for Avisota.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-article 3.3.0
The article message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-download 3.1.2
The download message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-downloads 3.1.2
The downloads message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-event 3.3.0
The event message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-gallery 3.1.2
The gallery message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-headline 3.1.1
The headline message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-hyperlink 3.2.0
The hyperlink message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-image 3.1.1
The image message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-list 3.1.1
The list message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-news 3.3.0
The news message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-salutation 3.1.1
The salutation message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-table 3.1.1
The table message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-text 3.1.1
The text message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-renderer-mailchimp 3.1.1
Renderer that use MailChimp templates.
Packagist avisota/contao-salutation 3.2.0
Individual salutation module for Avisota.
Packagist avisota/contao-selectri 3.1.3
Extend Selectri for Avisota.
Packagist avisota/contao-subscription 3.1.1
Subscribe core system for Avisota.
Packagist avisota/contao-subscription-member 3.1.1
Subscribe members to avisota.
Packagist avisota/contao-subscription-notification-center-bridge 3.1.1
Notification center bridge for the Avisota subscription system.
Packagist avisota/contao-subscription-recipient 3.2.0
Independent recipients support for Avisota.
Packagist avisota/core 1.2.4
Avisota mailing system core components