All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist arnislielturks/faye-client 0.16
Faye Client Service provider for laravel
Packagist arnislielturks/faye-laravel-broadcaster 0.15
Faye service laravel broadcaster
Packagist arnislielturks/lavalite-blog 1.0
Blog package for blog.
Packagist arnok/catfish
PHP authentication/security library
Packagist arnold1119/testgit
Composer project
Packagist arnoldsivastanegezer/picture-compress
Resizing, cropping, filtering, rotation, compressing before the picture is saved
Packagist arnotae/frenchcities 1.1.1
Mysql table of french cities for Laravel 5
Packagist arnouxor/ajaxosor 1.0.8
Make your Codeigniter ajax' calls beautiful
Packagist arnouxor/alienosor v2.0.18
Optimisez vos appels Ajax / Basic ou REST sous Codeigniter
Packagist arnouxor/linguanosor 0.0.1
Manage lange easily with Codeigniter
Packagist arnouxor/oauthosor v0.0.23
Système d'authentification universel pour Codeigniter 3
Packagist arnovr/owncloud-provisioning-api-client 0.0.4
This is a client to handle the owncloud provisioning api with.
Packagist arnsbomedia/opengraph_parser 0.0.9
A parser for getting open graph data from webpages
Packagist arnulfosolis/apihistogram 1.0
ApiHistogram is a Symphony Bundle that allows you to create historical data from your web services
Packagist arnulfosolis/qcharts
Business tool design to aid the analysis of SQL data in a graphical way to empower users among a team.
Packagist arobs/laravelmodules
Laravel 5 Modules
Packagist arodik/sendgrid-newsletter-api 1.1.3
PHP library for using Sendgrid Newsletter API
Packagist arodiss/xls-bundle v0.5.12
Excel files manipulation for Symfony2
Packagist arodygin/datatables-bundle 2.2.0
DataTables Symfony bundle
Packagist arodygin/linode-api-php 1.1.10
Linode API v3 Client Library for PHP
Packagist arodygin/php-dictionary 1.1.2
Static dictionary implementation for PHP
Packagist arodygin/simplebus-bundle 1.0.4
SimpleBus Symfony bundle
Packagist arogachev/yii2-excel 0.1.1
ActiveRecord import and export based on PHPExcel for Yii 2 framework
Packagist arogachev/yii2-many-to-many 0.2.1
Many-to-many ActiveRecord relation for Yii 2 framework
Packagist arogachev/yii2-rbac 0.1.0
RBAC management for Yii 2 framework
Packagist arogachev/yii2-sortable 0.1.6
Sortable ActiveRecord for Yii 2 framework
Packagist arogachev/yii2-tree 0.1.0
Database tree structures management for Yii 2 framework
Packagist arojunior/php-orm-pdo 1.1
Micro PHP ORM Library
Packagist aron-marriott-smith/drafty-in-here 1.2.0
Get email notifications of draft post sitting in your WordPress Blog waiting to be published.
Packagist arondor/form-bundle
Use eZ Legacy information collectors to build eZ 5 forms