All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist axovis/rst 1.0.2
PHP library to parse reStructuredText documents
Packagist axp-dev/cbrru-api
Packagist axstrad/axstrad
The Axstrad PHP Library develpoment bundle
Packagist axstrad/browser-sync-bundle v1.0.1
A Symfony 2 bundle for use with
Packagist axstrad/common v0.1.1
Common classes used throughout Axstrad projects
Packagist axstrad/content v0.3
Packagist axstrad/content-bundle
Packagist axstrad/doctrine-extensions v0.1.1
Extensions for Doctrine ORM
Packagist axstrad/doctrine-extensions-bundle v0.1.1
Symfony 2 Bundle for Axstrad\DoctrineExtensions
Packagist axstrad/extra-framework-bundle v0.1
Extra framework bundle for Symfony 2 applications
Packagist axstrad/filesystem v0.1.2
Additional class for Symfony/Filesystem
Packagist axstrad/page-bundle
Simple (crude would be another word) Page bundle for Symfony 2
Packagist axstrad/seo-bundle v0.1.3
Adds Doctrine ORM support to Symfony-Cmf/SeoBundle
Packagist axstrad/symfony-extra v2.0.0
Convenience abstract class and traits when using Symonfy's Components
Packagist axstrad/test v0.1.2
Test component used by all Axstrad packages.
Packagist axstrad/test-bundle v0.1.2
Symfony 2 bundle for testing the other Axstrad bundles
Packagist axstrad/use-case-test-bundle v0.1.0
Method to test Symfony 2 bundle in different use cases
Packagist axstrad/workforce v0.1
Packagist axvf/align
Class for generating aligned strings from an array.
Packagist axvf/random
Class for generating random hex strings.
Packagist axvf/redisigbinary
A phpredis wrapper using igbinary on both get/set & pub/sub.
Packagist axvf/threadable
Multi-process framework using Redis & Screen.
Packagist axxilius/larepo
repository pattern for laravel
Packagist axy/backtrace 1.0.5
Tracing in PHP
Packagist axy/binary 0.1.0
Working with binary strings
Packagist axy/callbacks 1.0.3
Extension of php-callback format
Packagist axy/cli-bin 0.1.0
Helper for creating console utilities
Packagist axy/codecs-base64vlq 1.0.1
Codec for VLQ (variable-length quantity) Base64 algorithm
Packagist axy/config 0.0.3
Access to the system configuration
Packagist axy/creator 1.0.2
Creation of objects by parameters