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Name Latest version Description
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-list 3.1.1
The list message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-news 3.3.0
The news message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-salutation 3.1.1
The salutation message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-table 3.1.1
The table message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-element-text 3.1.1
The text message element.
Packagist avisota/contao-message-renderer-mailchimp 3.1.1
Renderer that use MailChimp templates.
Packagist avisota/contao-salutation 3.2.0
Individual salutation module for Avisota.
Packagist avisota/contao-selectri 3.1.3
Extend Selectri for Avisota.
Packagist avisota/contao-subscription 3.1.1
Subscribe core system for Avisota.
Packagist avisota/contao-subscription-member 3.1.1
Subscribe members to avisota.
Packagist avisota/contao-subscription-notification-center-bridge 3.1.1
Notification center bridge for the Avisota subscription system.
Packagist avisota/contao-subscription-recipient 3.2.0
Independent recipients support for Avisota.
Packagist avisota/core 1.2.4
Avisota mailing system core components
Packagist avisota/recipient-fake 1.2
Fake recipient for Avisota.
Packagist avivieu/bitrix-redmine
Laravel 5 service for integration users from Bitrix24 to Redmine
Packagist avneesh/anet-cim-wrapper v2.1
This is a wrapper for interaction with Cim Apis
Packagist avninc/authorizenet 2.4.2
Authorize.Net gateway for the Omnipay payment processing library
Packagist avninc/chartjs-wrapper 0.0.2
This allows to generate chart.js charts using PHP fluid interface
Packagist avninc/passkey 0.1
Lanyon Passkey Integration
Packagist avninc/widget 2.2
Simple Widget System for Laravel Framework
Packagist avnir/easyrouting 2.0.1
Make route handling in Laravel easier
Packagist avocode/form-extensions-bundle v0.1.7
Add additional form types to symfony2
Packagist avoidwork/filesize.js 3.5.10
JavaScript library to generate a human readable String describing the file size
Packagist avoo/achievement-bundle 1.0.1
Achievement bundle
Packagist avoo/elo 0.2.0
Elo calculator library
Packagist avoo/elo-bundle 0.1.0
Integration of the Elo library calculator
Packagist avoo/framework-generator-bundle
Resource generator based on Sylius
Packagist avoo/framework-installer-bundle
Installer bundle for Symfony2 based on Sylius
Packagist avoo/framework-standard-edition
Packagist avoo/qcm-admin-bundle 1.0.3
QCM Admin bundle for Symfony2