All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist aura/accept 2.2.5
Provides content-negotiation tools using Accept* headers.
Packagist aura/asset-bundle 2.1.0
Asset management for aura v2
Packagist aura/auth 2.0.1
Provides a unified interface to authenticate a user with local or remote authentication systems.
Packagist aura/autoload 2.0.4
Provides a PSR-4 compliant autoloader implementation.
Packagist aura/blog 2.0.0-alpha1
Aura blog example
Packagist aura/cli 2.2.0
Provides the equivalent of request (Context) and response (Stdio) classes for a command line environment, including Getopt support.
Packagist aura/cli-kernel 2.0.4
The kernel files for an Aura CLI project.
Packagist aura/cli-project 2.0.2
A minimal command-line framework built from Aura v2 packages
Packagist aura/di 3.2.0
A serializable dependency injection container with constructor and setter injection, interface and trait awareness, configuration inheritance, and much more.
Packagist aura/dispatcher 2.0.4
Creates objects from a factory and invokes methods using named parameters; also provides a trait for invoking closures and object methods with named parameters.
Packagist aura/filter 2.3.0
Filters to validate and sanitize objects and arrays.
Packagist aura/filter-interface
An interface package for validation and sanitizing library
Packagist aura/framework 1.0.1
The Aura Framework package, when combined with a system skeleton, provides a full-stack framework built from Aura components.
Packagist aura/framework-project 2.0.1
A minimal web+cli framework built from Aura v2 packages
Packagist aura/html 2.4.1
Provides HTML escapers and helpers, including form input helpers.
Packagist aura/http 1.0.3
The Aura HTTP package provides objects to build and send HTTP responses from the server to the client.
Packagist aura/includer 2.0.3
Include multiple files from specified directories, in order, with variables extracted into a limited include scope.
Packagist aura/input 1.2.1
This package contains tools to describe and filter user inputs from an HTML form, including sub-forms/sub-fieldsets, fieldset collections, an interface for injecting custom filter systems, and CSRF protection. Note that this package does not include output functionality, although the "hints" provided by the Form object can be used with any presentation system to generate an HTML form.
Packagist aura/installer-default 1.0.0
Installs Aura packages using the Composer defaults.
Packagist aura/installer-system 1.0.2
Installs Aura packages to the Aura system "package" directory.
Packagist aura/intl 3.0.0
The Aura Intl package provides internationalization tools, specifically message translation.
Packagist aura/marshal 1.2.2
The Aura Marshal package is a data-object marshalling tool; it takes results from data sources and marshals those result sets into domain model objects of your own design, preserving data relationships along the way.
Packagist aura/middleware
A PSR-7 middleware dispatcher.
Packagist aura/payload 3.0.1
A Domain Payload implementation.
Packagist aura/payload-interface 3.0.0
An interface package for Domain Payload implementations.
Packagist aura/project-kernel 2.1.1
The shared kernel files for an Aura project.
Packagist aura/router 3.1.0
Powerful, flexible web routing for PSR-7 requests.
Packagist aura/session 2.1.0
Provides session management functionality, including lazy session starting, session segments, next-request-only ("flash") values, and CSRF tools.
Packagist aura/signal 1.0.4
A SignalSlots/EventHandler implementation; with it, we can invoke handlers ('slots' or 'hooks') whenever an object sends a signal ('notification' or 'event') to the signal manager.
Packagist aura/sql 3.0.0-alpha1
A PDO extension that provides lazy connections, array quoting, query profiling, value binding, and convenience methods for common fetch styles. Because it extends PDO, existing code that uses PDO can use this without any changes to the existing code.