All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist atkrad/recaptcha-plugin
CakePHP reCaptcha plugin
Packagist atkrad/rj-fetcher
CakePHP skeleton app
Packagist atkrad/twig-plugin
Twig plugin
Packagist atkrad/webhook-event-manager v0.1.0
WebHook Event Manager is a simple library to help parse webhook payloads from some services (GitHub, BitBucket)
Packagist atl/atl-framework
The Atl Framework.
Packagist atlance/yahoo-finance-api 1.0.0
Symfony bundle, to work with data Yahoo Finance
Packagist atlant5/handpicked-list
Widget (helper) for Yii2. Based on bootstrap. Help you build admin interface. You can select some elements in pretty pop-up and see selected items in another pretty compact interface.
Packagist atlant5/handpicked-widget
Widget (helper) for Yii2. Based on bootstrap.
Packagist atlantech/news-portal-task v0.0.3
News portal test task
Packagist atlantic-bits/viking-database
Part of AtlanticBits Viking Tools for Database
Packagist atlantic8-web/slim-magic v1.0.2
An auto router, auto discovery class mapper/loader for Slim Framework 3. Keeping your Slim bootstrapping clean no matter how many routes, dependencies and middleware you have.
Packagist atlantic8-web/slim-magic-service
Extra reusable dependencies and middleware helpers
Packagist atlanticbt/selenium-phpunit-framework v2.0.1
This is a Selenium + PHPUnit Framework and test skeleton
Packagist atlanticmediastrategies/ams-get-latest-tweet 1.0.0
Get the latest tweet from a twitter account
Packagist atlantis-labs/atlantis-cloud 1.0.6
This package submits data from arbitrary forms to the Atlantis Cloud
Packagist atlantis-labs/atlantis3 1.0.4
Atlantis 3 CMS
Packagist atlantis-labs/atlantis3-framework 1.0.19
Atlantis CMS 3 framework
Packagist atlantis/admin 0.9
Atlantis Framework : Admin
Packagist atlantis/content 0.9
Atlantis Framework : Content
Packagist atlantis/core 0.9
Atlantis Framework : Core
Packagist atlantis/detail 0.9
Atlantis Framework : Detail
Packagist atlantis/message 0.9
Atlantis Framework : Message
Packagist atlas/atlas 1.3.0
A data mapper ORM for your persistence model (not your domain model).
Packagist atlas/cli 1.0.1
Command-line interface for Atlas.
Packagist atlas/orm 1.3.0
A data mapper ORM for your persistence model (not your domain model).
Packagist atlasmobile/yii2-ga 1.0.4
yii2 google analytics component
Packagist atlasmobile/yii2-queue 1.1.5
yii2 queue component
Packagist atlassian/stash-client 1.1
PHP Client for Atlassian Stash (Bitbucket v1)
Packagist atlene/foundation v1.0
Packagist atlir/intercom-php v1.0.0-b7
Intercom API client built on top of Guzzle 3