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Name Latest version Description
Packagist azathoth/forms-phone v1.0.5
Small modification of Nella Phone control for Nette Forms.
Packagist azathoth/money-math 0.1.4
gmp-based arbitrary precision operations on currency amounts "XXX.YY"; because floats are BAD for representing money
Packagist azathoth/nette-sandbox v2.3.x-dev
The sandbox is a pre-packaged Nette Framework project, basic configured structure for your application.
Packagist azatoth/php-pgettext v1.0
Extension of gettext functions for PHP like pgettext, dpgettext, etc.
Packagist azatyan/armenian-locale-bundle 3.2
Integrate Armenian to Symfony Framework | Also you can use this classes directly
Packagist azayarni/purl
Simple cUrl PHP replacement library for hostings, which are not supporting native cUrl like Google App Engine
Packagist azcoppen/screenplay-parser
Generates auto-breakdowns from Final Draft, Adobe Story, Celtx, and Fountain screenplay files.
Packagist azder/die 0.3.3
A PHP helper library to DIE for
Packagist azder/fun 0.4.1
A FUNctional suplement for PHP
Packagist azera/lab v1.0
Packagist azgalot/api-client-ms
PHP client for МойСклад JSON API
Packagist azhararmar/oml-payment-gateway
PHP Payment Gateway
Packagist azhuravlov/acme-ivr-bundle
Database representation and operation of IVR menu
Packagist azhuravlov/ivr-bundle
Database representation and operation of IVR menu
Packagist azi/config 0.2
Easy Configuration Management Library
Packagist azi/form_builder
php library to create and validate web forms
Packagist azi/input 0.1
OO way to interact with user input
Packagist azi/pine 2.0.2
pine - A CLI installer for timber.
Packagist azi/raskoh 1.3
Raskoh - easy wordpress CPT and Taxonomy registration
Packagist azi/timber 2.0
pine - A CLI installer for timber.
Packagist azi/validator 2.0
Server side user input validation library
Packagist azine/email-bundle 3.0.0
Symfony2 Bundle to send html- & txt-emails (notification about events on your web-app or newsletters etc. scheduled/aggregated) to your users.
Packagist azine/geoblocking-bundle 2.0.0
Bundle to filter/geoblock the access of visitors to your pages by location
Packagist azine/mailgunwebhooks-bundle 1.2.1
Symfony2 Bundle to easily capture feedback from via their provided webhooks
Packagist azine/video.js-bundle
video.js Bundle for Symfony2
Packagist aziraphale/email-address-validator 2.0.0
Fork of AddedBytes' PHP EmailAddressValidator script, now with Composer support!
Packagist aziraphale/symfony-single-command-application 1.0.2
Extension of Symfony's Console Application that simplifies creation of simple, single-command PHP CLI scripts
Packagist azirius/hasmeta v0.1.3
Access model meta data as if it was a property on your model
Packagist aziz/laravel5-api-generator v1.2.3
Laravel API/Scaffold/CRUD Generator from just one command with including Controller, Repository, Model, Migrations, routes.php update.
Packagist aziz/smartmodel v2.5.0
Self-validating smart models for Laravel 5's Eloquent O/RM Inspired by Aedent/LaravelBook