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Name Latest version Description
Packagist avris/micrus-social v3.1
Social login handler for the Micrus framework
Packagist avris/micrus-starter v3.0
Starter project for the Micrus framework
Packagist avris/micrus-twig v3.0
Twig bridge for the Micrus framework
Packagist avris/picco v1.1
Golfy PHP framework
Packagist avris/picco-project v1.1
Golfy PHP framework
Packagist avris/qc v1.0.1
Quite concise programming language
Packagist avris/stringer v2.1
Otwarta biblioteka PHP upraszczająca wiele operacji na stringach związanych z tworzeniem interfejsu użytkownika, a przede wszystkim z dostosowywaniem form gramatycznych języka polskiego do dynamicznych danych.
Packagist avris/stringer-micrus v2.0
Moduł integrujący Avris Stringer z frameworkiem Micrus
Packagist avris/stringer-symfony v2.0
Wtyczka integrująca Avris Stringer z frameworkiem Symfony2
Packagist avris/time-diff v3.1
Time Diff generator
Packagist avris/timeiterator v1.0.0
Simple helper to iterate over time
Packagist avro/csv-bundle v0.1.0
Symfony2 CSV Bundle
Packagist avro/translator-bundle
A symfony2 bundle that uses 3rd party translation apis to translate text
Packagist avrumi/jwt
My first Composer project
Packagist avryhof/auth
Authentication class similar to Pear Auth
Packagist avsdevelop/yii2-exchangerates v1
This Yii2 extension for exchange rates for currency.
Packagist avstudnitz/disable-modules 1.0.0
Packagist avstudnitz/fast-simple-import
Packagist avstudnitz/scopehint2
Packagist avtonom/creole-full-bundle v1.1.3
Bundle for Symfony for creole markdown Wiki parser for PHP from softark/creole
Packagist avtonom/delay-exponential-backoff-bundle v1.1.0
Exponential backoff to delay for Symfony2 bundle for PHP
Packagist avtonom/email-template-bundle v2.0.1
This bundle allow you to manage some HTML email templates stored in your database. Templates are written with Twig.
Packagist avtonom/geocoder-bundle v1.1.1
Geocoder Sypex-geo bundle for Symfony2 bundle for PHP
Packagist avtonom/limit-number-calls-bundle v1.1.1
Defender for Symfony 2, of the large number of requests. It protects against multiple processing one value. Guard, aims to protect against brute force and dictionary attacks.
Packagist avtonom/media-storage-client-bundle v1.3.3
Symfony media client bundle for uploading (sending) files and images to a remote server deployed on SonataMediaBundle
Packagist avtonom/remote-logger-bundle v1.1.4
service logger bundle
Packagist avtonom/semaphore-bundle v1.1.6
A generic locking Symfony bundle for PHP, that uses named locks for semaphore acquire and release, to guarantee atomicity
Packagist avtonom/sms-devinotelecom-bundle v1.0.0
DevinoTelecom provider to send SMS notifications for Symfony2 bundle for PHP
Packagist avtonom/sms-sender v1.5.5
The almost missing SMS sending PHP library.
Packagist avtonom/sms-sender-bundle v1.4.1
Integrates the SmsSender library in Symfony2 applications