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Name Latest version Description
Packagist askupa-software/amarkal-ui
A set of HTML UI components for WordPress
Packagist askupa-software/amarkal-validation
A set of data validation functions for WordPress.
Packagist askupa-software/amarkal-widget
Develop WordPress widgets based on Amarkal UI
Packagist askupa-software/wp-dynamic-css 1.0.5
Render CSS using dynamic data from WordPress
Packagist asleepwalker/typographie 1.4.0
Preparation of russian texts before web publication.
Packagist aslikeyou/pdffiller-php-client v0.1.0
Simple client for api
Packagist aslubsky/php-cassandra-binary v0.1.0
PHP library for Cassandra database via a binary protocol
Packagist aslubsky/php-redis-captcha
A simple PHP CAPTCHA generator, store code in redis and return base64 based image
Packagist asm/markdown-content-bundle v0.4
Symfony2 bundle for static markdown-file content management
Packagist asm/php-ansible v1.1.0
php wrapper for ansible commands
Packagist asm/php-utilities v3.0.0
php tools with data container, collection objects, yaml config loader and timer
Packagist asm/phpflo-bundle v1.1.2
Integrate phpflo into symfony
Packagist asm/telegram-api 0.2
Telegram bot api library
Packagist asm/translation-loader-bundle v1.0.7
Symfony2 bundle with database translation loader
Packagist asm89/plusminus-parser 1.0.0
Parses ++ and -- messages from strings
Packagist asm89/rx.php 0.5.0
Reactive extensions for php.
Packagist asm89/stack-cors 1.1.0
Cross-origin resource sharing library and stack middleware
Packagist asm89/twig-cache-extension 1.3.2
Cache fragments of templates directly within Twig.
Packagist asm89/twig-lint 1.0.2
Standalone twig linter.
Packagist asmakaruk/settings-loader 1.0.0
Simple configuration file loader. Supports PHP, JSON, INI and XML files.
Packagist asmaru/rss 1.0.0
Packagist asmbs/thunderpress v2.1.3
Slim WordPress stack inspired by Bedrock
Packagist asmbs/wp-ip v1.1.0
See the IP address of your WordPress instance in the admin bar.
Packagist asmbs/wp-schedule-builder v2.1.1
Build interactive agendas for scientific meetings
Packagist asmbs/wp-unblog v1.1.0
Remove the admin UI for blog-centric components like posts and comments.
Packagist asmiarowski/laravel-postgres v0.1.4
Eloquent support for postgreSQL fields
Packagist asmiarowski/laravel5-api-generator v0.4.1
Artisan generator for API reasource.
Packagist asmiarowski/lumen-api-generator v0.3.0
Artisan generator for API reasource.
Packagist asminog/yii2-bootstrap 0.1.3
Bootstrap theme for yii2
Packagist asmo/asmoria