All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist avovello/xphp 1.0.0
Composer package by aVOVello
Packagist avoxx/config v1.0.0
The Config package includes a file configuration loader
Packagist avoxx/container
The container package includes a simple PSR-11 dependency injection container
Packagist avoxx/support v1.0.0
The Support package contains framework-related helper classes
Packagist avoxx/utility v1.0.0
The Utility package includes useful helper classes for everyday PHP programmers
Packagist avplab/php-html-builder v2.0.0
PHP Html builder simplifies creation of an html code in php scripts
Packagist avram/jmbg v0.1.3
Class used to extract data from ex Yugoslavian unique master citizen numbers.
Packagist avram/laravel-presenters
Laravel 5.x presenters Jeffrey Way style
Packagist avram/translatable
A complete Laravel 5.x package to translate your URLs and models.
Packagist avram/vokativ v1.0.3
Library used to convert first names from Serbian language into their vocative case.
Packagist avratny/discrete-event-sim
Basic framework for a discrete event simulation.
Packagist avris/api v1.0
Making REST API calls easier
Packagist avris/bag v3.0
Nicer arrays for PHP
Packagist avris/clavis
Shared password storage
Packagist avris/dibsy v1.0.1
Call dibs on QA/staging servers!
Packagist avris/flags v1.0
Flags on websites made easy
Packagist avris/futurus v1.0
Narzędzie generuje na podstawie polskiego tekstu wejściowego tekst zapisany ortografią zgodną z Mańifestem Jasieńskiego
Packagist avris/micrus v3.0.2
Tiny, yet powerful, PHP framework
Packagist avris/micrus-annotations v3.0.1
Annotations for the Micrus Framework
Packagist avris/micrus-assetic v3.0
Plugin integrating Assetic with Micrus Framework
Packagist avris/micrus-crud v3.1
CRUD generator for Micrus framework
Packagist avris/micrus-demo v3.0
Demo project for the Micrus framework
Packagist avris/micrus-doctrine v3.0
Doctrine ORM bridge for the Micrus framework
Packagist avris/micrus-forms v3.1
Forms module for the Micrus Framework
Packagist avris/micrus-ga v3.0
Google Analytics service the Micrus Framework
Packagist avris/micrus-imagine v3.0
An image manager for the Micrus framework
Packagist avris/micrus-js v3.0
JavaScript plugin for Micrus framework (handles routing and localization)
Packagist avris/micrus-localizator v3.0.1
Localizator for the Micrus Framework
Packagist avris/micrus-mailer v3.0.1
Mailer module for the Micrus framework
Packagist avris/micrus-main v1.1.0
Quite powerful microframework for PHP