All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist arckinteractive/mailgun_mailin 1.0.0
Turns inbound emails into new site content
Packagist arckinteractive/messages_filetransfer 2.0.2
This plugin lets a user transfer a copy of selected files along with an internal message
Packagist arckinteractive/notifications_sms 1.0.0
SMS Notification API for Elgg
Packagist arckinteractive/roles 2.1.0
Roles for Elgg
Packagist arckinteractive/stripe 2.1.7
This plugin provides an Elgg API layer for interfacing with Stripe
Packagist arckinteractive/stripe_subscriptions 1.0.8
Site Subscriptions
Packagist arckinteractive/twilio_authy
Two-factor SMS authentication via Twilio Authy
Packagist arckinteractive/twilio_sms 1.0.0
Twilio SMS API
Packagist arckinteractive/upload_users 1.8.2
Packagist arcmedia/m2-slackbot 1.0.0
Allows sending messages from code to slack
Packagist arcmedia/mage2-confirm-customer-email 1.0.1
Allows admin to confirm customer email addresses
Packagist arcmedia/mage2-initsettings 1.0.0
Basic Settings for webshops in Switzerland
Packagist arcmedia/mage2-slackbot 1.0.0
A simple extension that allows your code to output messages to a Slack Channel
Packagist arcoinformatica/bolota 1.0.6
A small package with functions to websites development
Packagist arcostasi/fpdf 1.8.14
FPDF is a PHP class which allows to generate PDF files with pure PHP.
Packagist arctic/arctic2api 0.7.1
API for interacting with Arctic Reservations version 2
Packagist arcticfalcon/laravel-analytics 1.6
Analytics tracking for laravel 4.x
Packagist arctulus/api-test-bundle v1.0
Api Test Bundle
Packagist arctulus/api-test-client-bundle v1.0
A demo api client bundle
Packagist arctulus/test-api-bundle
Test Api Bundle
Packagist arcturial/clickatell 3.0.0
Standalone PHP library to integrate with the Clickatell SMS gateway
Packagist arcturial/fsm
Simple Finite State Machine
Packagist arcturial/schedule
Cron scheduling Symfony Console command
Packagist arcturus/simpleweather
A description about your extension should go here.
Packagist arcus/arcus
PHP cluster framework
Packagist ardabeyazoglu/datetime v1.0.3
Extends the native DateTime class adding useful features, shorthand methods and locale support
Packagist ardabeyazoglu/php-push-helper v0.1.0
A simple helper library to send push notifications in php using services like fcm, apns etc.
Packagist ardagedik/basic-cache 1.0.0
Simple and fast caching class that uses the file system for caching
Packagist ardagedikk/picture-compress 1.0.0
Resizing, cropping, filtering, rotation, compressing before the picture is saved
Packagist ardakilic/dizici v1.1.0
A minimal series-cli app that syncs series and episodes from TVMaze to a database aimed to make a unified sort