All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist appsco/assertion-voter-bundle 1.0.1
Assertion Voter Bundle
Packagist appsco/component-assertion-voter 1.0.0-RC1
Packagist appsco/component-js 1.1.3
Packagist appsco/component-jwe 1.0.0
Packagist appsco/component-jwt-api v1.0.0-rc.2
Packagist appsco/component-share 2.0.0
Common shared stuf
Packagist appsco/component-wwd-api
WWD API wrapper lib
Packagist appsco/filesystembundle 1.0.0-rc.3
Use different Filesystems
Packagist appsco/market-api 1.1.0-rc.2
Packagist appsco/pan-crop-bundle 2.0.1
Packagist appscode/apiclient
Client library for AppsCode APIs
Packagist appscyclone/reuters
API Reuters Thomson
Packagist appserver-io-lab/mage-servlet 0.1.0
An servlet to execute Magento
Packagist appserver-io-lab/websocket-protocol 0.1.0
Protocol for a PHP based websocket server implementation
Packagist appserver-io-lab/websocket-server 0.1.0
Experimental server for our websocket implementation
Packagist appserver-io-psr/application 1.4.0
PSR, for a threaded application implementation
Packagist appserver-io-psr/auth 2.0.0
PSR, for a PHP based authentication module
Packagist appserver-io-psr/context 1.0.0
PSR, defining simple context functionality.
Packagist appserver-io-psr/deployment 2.0.0
PSR, defining deployment functionality.
Packagist appserver-io-psr/di 3.0.0
PSR, for a PHP based DI container
Packagist appserver-io-psr/epb 4.0.0
PSR containing Enterprise PHP Beans classes and interfaces.
Packagist appserver-io-psr/http-message 1.4.1
PSR package containing some interface for HTTP messaging while PSR-7 is in proposal state
Packagist appserver-io-psr/messagequeueprotocol 1.0.0
Messaging components implementing the PMS PSR
Packagist appserver-io-psr/mop 1.2.1
PSR, defining annotations and interfaces for code transformation and enhancement.
Packagist appserver-io-psr/naming 1.1.0
PSR, providing the classes and interfaces for accessing naming services
Packagist appserver-io-psr/persistencecontainerprotocol 1.0.0
Remote method invocation library implementation
Packagist appserver-io-psr/pms 1.0.0
PSR containing Enterprise PHP Messaging classes and interfaces.
Packagist appserver-io-psr/security 1.4.0
PSR, for application server security implementation
Packagist appserver-io-psr/servlet 3.2.0
PSR, for a PHP based servlet engine
Packagist appserver-io-psr/socket 1.0.0
PSR for standardized socket usage