All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist appserver-io/logger 1.0.1
Thread-Safe and PSR-3 compatible logger implementation.
Packagist appserver-io/logserver 0.1.1
A log server accepting http requests on udp to log async to configured locations over network.
Packagist appserver-io/messagequeueclient 0.6.2
Client to connect to a PHP ApplicationServer based message queue.
Packagist appserver-io/messaging 3.0.0
Messaging components implementing the PMS PSR
Packagist appserver-io/meta 1.0.0-alpha
Meta package for installation of PHP multithreaded application server
Packagist appserver-io/microcron 1.0.0
Cron expression which allows for the use of seconds
Packagist appserver-io/pbc 0.3.6
A lightweight Design-by-Contract library for PHP
Packagist appserver-io/persistencecontainerclient 0.7.3
Client to connect to a PHP ApplicationServer based persistence container.
Packagist appserver-io/phar 1.0.0
Utility package that provides high performance PHAR helper functions.
Packagist appserver-io/properties 3.0.0
Package that provides basic functionality to handle property files.
Packagist appserver-io/pthreads-polyfill v1.2.3
A polyfill for pthreads
Packagist appserver-io/rmi 3.1.1
Remote method invocation library implementation
Packagist appserver-io/robo-tasks 0.2.0
Some Robo ( tasks to improve the development process
Packagist appserver-io/routlt 2.2.0-beta6
Servlet based micro router and controller implementation.
Packagist appserver-io/routlt-project 1.2.1
Stub to create a new Rout.Lt project
Packagist appserver-io/server 10.0.0
Multithreaded server daemon framework
Packagist appserver-io/single-app 3.0.0
Stripped down version providing a nodejs like handling
Packagist appserver-io/stomp-mq-adapter v0.9-beta
Stomp message queue adapter
Packagist appserver-io/storage 2.1.0
Generic storage package implementation.
Packagist appserver-io/synchronizable 0.1.2
Thread-Safe and synchronizable objects.
Packagist appserver-io/webserver 5.1.3
Multithreaded webserver for php written in php
Packagist appsfly/devkit-phputils 0.0.1
This library contains resources to help communicate with execution server. For all communications with execution server, your application should be registered and a secret key needs to be generated. Please contact for your credientials.
Packagist appshed/extension-api 3.1.2
API for AppShed remote screens
Packagist appsinet/arc-phpstan
PHPStan linter for Phabricator's Arcanist
Packagist appsketch/adfly v1.1.1
An Adfly wrapper for Laravel 5 and 5.1.
Packagist appsketch/human-cron v1.0.0
A laravel package for converting a cron string to a 'time ago' or a 'time from now' string.
Packagist appsketch/justyo v1.3.1
A Yo wrapper for Laravel 5 and 5.1.
Packagist appsketch/shortest v1.0.0
A wrapper for Laravel 5 and 5.1.
Packagist appsketch/social-profile v1.1.0
Laravel package for generating social profile links.
Packagist appstaat/pleio_api
This plugin provides the API for the Overheidsplein app