All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist azlf/readable-api-error-response-bundle
Packagist azm/azm-extensions
Some Extensions to use with ZF2
Packagist aznc/array-utils 0.1.0
helper functions for array manipulation
Packagist aznc/expose-it 0.0.1
Expose protected or private entry of a class
Packagist aznc/line_bus_type76 v0.1.1
EventBus for Line bot development
Packagist aznc/pipe-array 1.0.0
improve PHP array manipulation by Collection Pipeline pattern
Packagist azonwan/auth-qq 0.1.0
Allow users to log in with QQ.
Packagist azonwan/azonwan-auth-qq 0.1.0
Allow users to log in with QQ.
Packagist azpg/checker
Chekers for aZPG
Packagist azpg/core
aZPG - fast and scalable Zero-Playing-Game engine
Packagist azpg/workers
Workers for aZPG
Packagist azrodin/demo-package
Demo Laravel 4 Package. Create for learning purposes...
Packagist azt3k/abc-silverstripe 0.2.3
Library that adds some useful functionality to Silverstripe
Packagist azt3k/abc-silverstripe-mailer 0.5.0
Library that adds smtp mail support to Silverstripe
Packagist azt3k/abc-silverstripe-textcap 0.1.1
Text based captcha module for SilverStripe
Packagist azt3k/drupal-azure-blob
Fork of the azure blob module for drupal
Packagist azt3k/drupal-minify
Fork of the original drupal minify module
Packagist azt3k/non-destructive-archive-installer 0.2.12
A composer installer type that allows you to unpack archives to a specific location in a non destructive way - it is very useful when some packages need to be installed inside another package folder - e.g. drupal and modules
Packagist aztech/app-enlight-php-client v0.5.5-beta
PHP clieant for
Packagist aztech/carnival 0.1.0
Create static facades from instances
Packagist aztech/coding-standard v0.1.6
Aztech Sniffs for PHP CodeSniffer
Packagist aztech/coyote 0.1.1
Email and SMS abstraction layer
Packagist aztech/daemonize v1.0.3
Micro lib using pcntl to manage long running processes
Packagist aztech/event-bus v1.1.7
Event bus library - core only
Packagist aztech/event-bus-core-plugins v1.0.0
aztech/event-bus core plugins collection
Packagist aztech/event-bus-extra-amqp v1.0.1
aztech/event-bus AMQP channel provider
Packagist aztech/event-bus-extra-mixpanel v1.0.2
aztech/event-bus Mixpanel publisher provider
Packagist aztech/event-bus-extra-plugins
PHP Event Library with AMQP, WAMP, Stomp, Redis, PDO, ... support
Packagist aztech/event-bus-extra-redis v1.1.5
aztech/event-bus Redis channel provider
Packagist aztech/event-bus-extra-stomp v1.0.1
aztech/event-bus Stomp channel provider