All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist ayeo/temperature 0.1.1
Simple library to handle temperature scales
Packagist ayeo/validator 1.2.0
Universal and independent validator
Packagist ayesh/case-insensitive-array 1.0.5
Class to store and access data in a case-insensitive fashion, while maintaining the integrity and functionality of a regular array.
Packagist ayesh/drupal-phpunit-bootstrap v1.1.0
Mimics Drupal 7's SimpleTest functionality to work with PHPUnit.
Packagist ayesh/fatfree-project v1.0.0
Fat-Free-Framework boilerplate to get a headstart
Packagist ayesh/php-timer v1.1.4
Timer start, stop, read, and minimal conversion. Not phpunit/php-timer I promise.
Packagist ayesh/stateless-csrf v1.0.0
Secret-key based state-less CSRF token generator and validator for PHP 7. State-less means you do not have to store the CSRF token in session or database.
Packagist aygon/jatun 2.0.1
Jatun, a simple and convenient way to communicate between the server and client using ajax
Packagist aygon/twig-stack
Twig extension which adds the possibility to push content to a stack which can be output anywhere in the template
Packagist ayim/generators
I need my own too, way inspired
Packagist ayimdomnic/graph-ql-l5.3 v2.0.2-beta.1
Facebook GraphQl for Laravel developers
Packagist ayimdomnic/laravel-office-365
How I get through my laravel Office 365 intergration
Packagist aykentech/data-tables-php
DataTablesPHP inital package
Packagist aylien/newsapi 1.0.0
AYLIEN News API is the most powerful way of sourcing, searching and syndicating analyzed and enriched news content.
Packagist aylien/textapi v0.6.0
Client library for AYLIEN Text API
Packagist ayman/quick_cake v1.0-beta.1
CakePHP basic cms app
Packagist aymane/roar 1.0
A very simple, lightweight, yet fully tested, container.
Packagist aymanrb/php-unstructured-text-parser v1.0.1-beta
A PHP Class to help extract text out of documents that are not structured in a processing friendly manner
Packagist aymard-pro/cake-swagger 0.2
Swagger plugin for CakePHP v3
Packagist aymenkacem/starter-site v5.1.11
Starter site based on Laravel 5
Packagist aymeric-wilke/scherzo-php 1.1
A PHP micro-framework for static websites
Packagist ayrel/seo-bundle
Symfony SEO bundle : create title and meta html tag with the request attributes
Packagist ayrozjlc/yii2-blockui v0.1
AssetBundle for jQuery BlockUI Plugin
Packagist ayrozjlc/yii2-counterup v0.1
AssetBundle for jQuery Counter-Up Plugin
Packagist ayrozjlc/yii2-material-ripple v0.1
AssetBundle for material-ripple
Packagist ayrtonricardo/remessa
YaRemessa é uma biblioteca para geração de arquivos de remessa de forma simples em PHP.
Packagist aytpaev/twitter-bot
TwitterBit allows to retweet or add to favourite tweets
Packagist ayushpayuindia/hello-world
My first Composer project
Packagist ayvan/creditpilot 1.0.7
CreditPilot PHP library
Packagist ayzakh/fscache 1.0.0
caching in file system for poor man ^_^