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Name Latest version Description
Packagist aremox/morana
Proyecto curso Symfony 2
Packagist arena-pl/arena-pl-php-sdk 1.3.0 PHP SDK is a PHP client library for interacting with web services
Packagist arena/api-sdk
Packagist arend/targetpay
TargetPay Library
Packagist ares333/api-doc v1.4.1
A powerful api document management system written in php
Packagist ares333/php-curl v4.2.1
The best php curl library.
Packagist ares333/php-ide-doc v1.2.1
Document file for PHP IDE
Packagist ares333/php-stubs v1.4.0
Stub files for php ide
Packagist ares333/yaf-doc v1.1.2
PHP yaf document file for IDE
Packagist ares333/yaf-library v4.5.0
An easy to use library for php yaf
Packagist ares333/yaf-skeleton v0.3.1
A skeleton project for yaf-library
Packagist arestravelinc/ares-api-php 1.0.0
PHP client for the aRes Travel API
Packagist arete/specification
PHP Specification library.
Packagist aretecode/planck-id
Minifies (almost) all HTML ids + classes, & CSS + JS selectors
Packagist aretusa/flash-bundle v1.0.2
This bundle extends the Symfony2 flash message system to handle messages for AJAX requests.
Packagist areyi/taskmanager 0.3.2
A simple task manager for Laravel 5
Packagist arfaram/ezmenubundle v1.0
Create menu for eZPlatform using The KnpMenuBundle
Packagist arfaram/ezrestdemobundle v1.1.2
Extending the eZPlatform API Demo
Packagist arg/tagcloud
PHP Tag Cloud composer package Implementation of
Packagist argab/yii-catalog 1.0.0
This package allows to manage multilingual catalogs on yii2 framework
Packagist argayash/core-bundle v0.1.37
Bundle for creating modules and site structure in symfony 2.1 project
Packagist argayash/yii2-queue 0.1-alpha
The queue extension for the Yii framework
Packagist argb/elastic-cat v1.0.3
Map Elasticsearch results to Eloquent models
Packagist argentcrusade/flysystem-selectel 1.2.0
Flysystem adapter for Selectel Cloud Storage
Packagist argentcrusade/selectel-cloud-storage 1.2.1
Selectel Cloud Storage API
Packagist argentcrusade/support 0.9.5
Support package.
Packagist argentinaluiz/js-silex-fixtures
Integration Silex with doctrine data fixtures command
Packagist argentinaluiz/js_zf2_library 2.1
Library based in Zf2 and Doctrine
Packagist argentinaluiz/jsdatatables 1.0
Library based in zf2 to manager requests datatables
Packagist argentinaluiz/jsdatatables-silex
Library based in silex to manager requests datatables