All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist atans/yii2-user 1.10
An user extension for yii2
Packagist atans/yii2-weibo-shorturl
Weibo short url client
Packagist atanvarno/cache 0.1.1
PSR-16 cache implementation
Packagist atanvarno/cache-apcu 0.1.1
APCu cache driver
Packagist atanvarno/dependency 2.0.0
PSR-11 dependency injection container
Packagist atanvarno/middleware-dispatch 0.2.2
PSR-15 middleware dispatcher
Packagist atanvarno/middleware-util 0.1.3
PSR-15 middleware utilities
Packagist atanvarno/router 0.2.0
FastRoute PSR-7 wrapper
Packagist atanvarno/test-util 0.1.0
PHPUnit test case utilities
Packagist atanych/telegram-bot 0.21.0
PHP telegram bot (it is fork from longman/telegram-bot)
Packagist atasciuc/zend-expressive-validation 1.0.1
PSR-7 Validation middleware for zend-expressive
Packagist atayahmet/glad
Authentication package for php
Packagist atayahmet/laramongo
Mongo DB manager
Packagist atayahmet/laravel-castable v0.0.1
Clarify types of all inputs
Packagist atayahmet/laravel-nestable v0.8.1
Laravel 5 nested categories library
Packagist atayahmet/laravel-runnable v0.0.1
Laravel 5 runnable environments
Packagist atbox/invi v2.0.0
A simple invitation system api for laravel 5
Packagist atbox/zarinpal v1.1.3
transaction request system for zarinpal
Packagist atbq/central
Central for ATBQ
Packagist atbq/oda
Server for the full framework Oda
Packagist atc/alert-bundle 1.0.5
Symfony AlertBundle
Packagist atcq/blogpl
Basic blog module
Packagist atdev/commweb
Commweb api sdk
Packagist atdrupal/efq-wrapper v1.0
Packagist atechnologies/tools-bundle
Bundle Symfony
Packagist atecloud/atestat v0.1-alpha
ATE stat project
Packagist atehnix/la 1.1.0
Foundation for simple apps, based on illuminate components
Packagist atehnix/lapp 1.1.0
Base app project based on atehnix/la foundation
Packagist atehnix/laravel-api v0.1.5
RESTful API support package for Laravel. (alpha)
Packagist atehnix/laravel-dev v0.1.1
Laravel development tools