All packagist packages

Name Latest version Description
Packagist a3gz/database
Database access for PHP
Packagist a3gz/html
Html tag generator
Packagist a3gz/inflector
Packagist a3gz/menu
Dynamic menus for PHP applications.
Packagist a3gz/sunra-dom-parser 1.0.0
A simple DOM parser. Continued from Sunra's Simple HTML DOM parser.
Packagist a4m/zencoder 1.3.0
A laravel wrapper around the zencoder API.
Packagist a4x/laravel-wordpress 0.0.9-beta
A one-class package that locally caches your Wordpress posts as a Laravel collection
Packagist a5682/tiny
Packagist a5hleyrich/wp-background-processing 1.0
Packagist a5sys/acl-doctrine-filter-bundle
Packagist a5sys/doctrine-migration-tools-bundle V1.0.0
Packagist a5sys/doctrine-trait-bundle V1.0.5
Packagist a5sys/fec-bundle V2.0.2
Generates FEC files (french accounting)
Packagist a5sys/logged-in-redirection-bundle v1.0.0
Packagist a5sys/mantis-api-bundle
Packagist a5sys/monitor-bundle V1.0.0
Packagist a5sys/pdf-bundle
Generates PDF
Packagist a5sys/qowisio-cloud-api-bundle V1.0.4
Access data from Qowisio Cloud API
Packagist a6digital/laravel-default-profile-image v1.0.4
Laravel package to create default profile image using name of user.
Packagist a7/autoload 2.0.7
Automatically and recursively require_once all php files in a given directory.
Packagist a7/wpe-cache-flush 0.3.0
Programmatically flush the WP Engine Cache
Packagist a70838697/yii2elfinder
Yii2 elfinder Widgets
Packagist a76/yii2-pay 1.1.1
Extension for some third party payment.
Packagist a7madev/laravel-dev-helpers
Laravel Dev Helper Functions
Packagist a7madev/laravel-stapler v1.0.08
Easy file upload management for the Laravel Framework.
Packagist a7madev/stapler v1.2.1
Elegant and simple ORM-based file upload package for php.
Packagist a9b/php-battle
PHP battle class
Packagist aa/api-tester 0.1
Library for automated REST API testing using fixtures
Packagist aa/array-diff
Component for calculating difference of arrays
Packagist aa/array-validator 0.1
Component for array validation