All monitored public projects

GitHub name Profile Status badge Description
c hughrawlinson C
A collaborative listening room using Spotify
c rozzy C
Ruby gem for domain repository. C means cloud.
c matthewmueller C
multi-environment configuration for client and server
c seiyria C
A small game that builds itself while played.
c grnd C
c-base-pos berlincount C-base-pos
c-cli paulirish C-cli
Give your `cat` command some color
c-ext-workshop andremedeiros C-ext-workshop
Gem to test the workshop goers' setup
c-hat tivac C-hat
c-problems snood1205 C-problems
c-span_opened_captions_server voxmedia C-span_opened_captions_server
c-span opened captions node buffer server + google docs apps script
c-tokenizer substack C-tokenizer
tokenize c/c++ source code
c-unity-test-runner mjago C-unity-test-runner
c compiler
c100-application ministryofjustice C100-application
an approval process automation tool
C2 jmhooper C2
an approval process automation tool
C2 jmcarp C2
an approval process automation tool
C2 asonas C2
Club Cal
C2 18F C2
an approval process automation tool
c2-api-client-ruby 18F C2-api-client-ruby
C2 API client for Ruby
c2-content-plugin concerto C2-content-plugin
Concerto 2 Sample Content Plugin
c2-master-detail 18F C2-master-detail
C2 Front-end Prototype for Master-Detail interface
c25k-web lmorchard C25k-web
A Couch-to-5k trainer for the web
C25kReact lmorchard C25kreact
Playing with a multi-platform react app for Couch-to-5k
c2_twitter bamnet C2_twitter
Concerto 2 Twitter Dynamic Content Magic, if it works.
c2c.recipe.closurecompile camptocamp C2c.recipe.closurecompile
A buildout recipe to compile javascript with the Google Closure Compiler
c2c.recipe.cssmin camptocamp C2c.recipe.cssmin
c2c.recipe.cssmin is a zc.buildout recipe that merges and compresses css files
c2c.recipe.jarfile camptocamp C2c.recipe.jarfile
A buildout recipe to create or update jar archive file.
c2c.recipe.jsconfig camptocamp C2c.recipe.jsconfig
c2c.recipe.jsconfig is a zc.buildout recipe that generates a javascript configuration file based on key/value pairs in buildout configuration