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GitHub name Profile Status badge Description
k pirxpilot K
keyboard event dispatcher.
k SheetJS K
Spreadsheet Differ
k bfontaine K
Enums for Python
k matthewmueller K
keyboard event dispatcher.
k TooTallNate K
keyboard event dispatcher.
k markevans K
K-js Krinkle K-js
Miscellaneous javascript utilities.
k-means tmcw K-means
k-means clustering
k-means miguelmota K-means
K-Means clustering in JavaScript.
K-Means austinbv K-means
K Means
K-Means johnlinvc K-means
K Means
k-rpc mafintosh K-rpc
Low-level implementation of the k-rpc protocol used the BitTorrent DHT.
k-rpc-socket mafintosh K-rpc-socket
Low level implementation of the k-rpc network layer that the BitTorrent DHT uses
k-sequence TooTallNate K-sequence
keyboard sequences
k-sequence matthewmueller K-sequence
keyboard sequences
k-way-merge instructure K-way-merge
Ruby implementation of K-Way Merge algorithm with support for streaming evaluation.
K2 mgup K2
k2_backoffice_notifications_sandbox Banta K2_backoffice_notifications_sandbox
Sinatra app that acts as a sandbox for K2 Back Office notifications. For now receives HTTP POST notifications and responds with valid JSON.
k2j.rb ssut K2j.rb
한글 독음을 일본어 히라가나로 변환
k5uploader phinze K5uploader
k8s-docker-suite-app-murano openstack K8s-docker-suite-app-murano
k8s-pod-notifier dtan4 K8s-pod-notifier
Notify Pod status to Slack
k8s-sample monochromegane K8s-sample
k8s-scripts crowdtap K8s-scripts
Opinionated scripts for managing application deployment lifecycle in Kubernetes
k8sapp engineyard K8sapp
Just an app for use by: k9ordon
ka-lite jkirkell Ka-lite
KA Lite: lightweight web server for serving core Khan Academy content (videos and exercises) without needing internet connectivity
kaae joola Kaae
Kibana Alert & Report App + Plugin for Elasticsearch (Kibana Watcher) :alarm_clock: :camera:
kaahal-timelines bbaaxx Kaahal-timelines
This is an application that creates and compares timelines, useful in archaeology and ancient studies to compare history theories.
kaaj ashrafuzzaman Kaaj
A task management tool with nodeJs