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GitHub name Profile Status badge Description
k markevans K
k pirxpilot K
keyboard event dispatcher.
k matthewmueller K
keyboard event dispatcher.
k TooTallNate K
keyboard event dispatcher.
k SheetJS K
Spreadsheet Differ
k bfontaine K
Enums for Python
k-bucket robertkowalski K-bucket
Kademlia DHT K-bucket implementation as a binary tree
K-js Krinkle K-js
Miscellaneous javascript utilities.
K-Means johnlinvc K-means
K Means
K-Means austinbv K-means
K Means
k-means miguelmota K-means
K-Means clustering in JavaScript.
k-means tmcw K-means
k-means clustering
k-rpc mafintosh K-rpc
Low-level implementation of the k-rpc protocol used the BitTorrent DHT.
k-rpc-socket mafintosh K-rpc-socket
Low level implementation of the k-rpc network layer that the BitTorrent DHT uses
k-sequence TooTallNate K-sequence
keyboard sequences
k-sequence matthewmueller K-sequence
keyboard sequences
k-way-merge instructure K-way-merge
Ruby implementation of K-Way Merge algorithm with support for streaming evaluation.
K2 mgup K2
k2_backoffice_notifications_sandbox Banta K2_backoffice_notifications_sandbox
Sinatra app that acts as a sandbox for K2 Back Office notifications. For now receives HTTP POST notifications and responds with valid JSON.
k2j.rb ssut K2j.rb
한글 독음을 일본어 히라가나로 변환
k5 antimatter15 K5
differentiable graphics for react
k5uploader phinze K5uploader
k8s-docker-suite-app-murano openstack K8s-docker-suite-app-murano
k8s-pod-notifier dtan4 K8s-pod-notifier
Notify Pod status to Slack
k8s-sample monochromegane K8s-sample
k8s-scripts crowdtap K8s-scripts
Opinionated scripts for managing application deployment lifecycle in Kubernetes
k8sapp engineyard K8sapp
Just an app for use by: k9ordon
kaae joola Kaae
Kibana Alert & Report App + Plugin for Elasticsearch (Kibana Watcher) :alarm_clock: :camera:
kaahal-timelines bbaaxx Kaahal-timelines
This is an application that creates and compares timelines, useful in archaeology and ancient studies to compare history theories.