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GitHub name Profile Status badge Description
O Benvie O
Rapping Objects for JavaScript
o-board just-boris O-board
o-cli-service elf-pavlik O-cli-service
o-colors matthew-andrews O-colors
Origami module containing colour palette and use case SASS variables.
o-crossword matthew-andrews O-crossword
o-crossword ftlabs O-crossword
o-element-visibility lemonde O-element-visibility
Element visibility tracking
o-ft-buttons callumlocke O-ft-buttons
Standard FT-branded buttons
o-gallery-experiment callumlocke O-gallery-experiment
o-icons callumlocke O-icons
Icons for FT sites.
o-share callumlocke O-share
URL and social media sharing
o-three-sixty ftlabs O-three-sixty
Three Sixty Video Player powered by Brightcove
o-tools-livescript Originate O-tools-livescript
O-Tools for LiveScript developers
o-tools-node Originate O-tools-node
Tools for managing NodeJS repositories
o-tweet callumlocke O-tweet
Format tweets in FT style
o-utils lemonde O-utils
JavaScript utility functions
o-viewport lemonde O-viewport
Utility for attaching debounced listeners to resize, scroll and orientation events on window
o.extend capaj O.extend
Object.extend() which works well with ES5 getters and setters
o2 Automattic O2
The o2 Plugin for WordPress - blogging at the speed of thought
o2.js jawsome O2.js
A Coherent Solution to Your JavaScript Dilemma
o3 fardjad O3 O3 is a binary component framework to allow C++ components to be easily used in JS environments (NodeJS, Browsers, etc)
o365-sharepoint-api-demo ktonon O365-sharepoint-api-demo
This is a short node script that demonstrates authentication with an Active Directory app configured with access to SharePoint
o5m-decode substack O5m-decode
streaming parser for o5m files
o5mreader substack O5mreader
O5mreader is a C library that parses OpenStreetMap data in O5M format.
o8 chapmanb O8
Genetic changes we can believe in: a web based tool for variant visualization and analysis
o_o JacksonTian O_o
oa bsm Oa
oa-casport stevenhaddox Oa-casport
internal authentication gem to work with OmniAuth
oa-casport-rails3 stevenhaddox Oa-casport-rails3
Sample Rails 3 application using oa-casport via OmniAuth for authentication
oa-casport-server stevenhaddox Oa-casport-server
Really really simple mock server for oa-casport authentication