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GitHub name Profile Status badge Description
p zaach P
Simple Promise/A+ Library
p floatdrop P
Peer-to-peer networking with browsers
p vladikoff P
Simple Promise/A+ Library
p dscape P
Pattern matching in javascript for asynchronous iteration
p-all sindresorhus P-all
Run promise-returning & async functions concurrently with optional limited concurrency
p-any sindresorhus P-any
Wait for any promise to be fulfilled
p-async-cache kaelzhang P-async-cache
Cache the async promise lookups and avoid fetching the same thing more than necessary.
p-batch floatdrop P-batch
Batch async operations
p-break sindresorhus P-break
Break out of a promise chain
p-cancelable sindresorhus P-cancelable
Create a promise that can be canceled
p-catch-if sindresorhus P-catch-if
Conditional promise catch handler
p-concurrency kaelzhang P-concurrency
Decorate async functions with limited concurrency, which can be used as decorator in the future.
p-debounce sindresorhus P-debounce
Debounce promise-returning & async functions
p-defer sindresorhus P-defer
Create a deferred promise
p-dot-arndt-dot-io parndt P-dot-arndt-dot-io
Philip Arndt's website or attempt thereof.
p-each-series sindresorhus P-each-series
Iterate over promises serially
p-filter sindresorhus P-filter
Filter promises concurrently
p-finally sindresorhus P-finally
`Promise#finally()` ponyfill - Invoked when the promise is settled regardless of outcome
p-flux pivotal-cf P-flux
p-forever sindresorhus P-forever
Run promise-returning & async functions repeatedly until you end it
p-gulp-grunt EdgarOrtegaRamirez P-gulp-grunt
p-if sindresorhus P-if
Conditional promise chains
p-immediate sindresorhus P-immediate
Returns a promise resolved in the next event loop - think `setImmediate()`
p-is-promise sindresorhus P-is-promise
Check if something is a promise
p-lazy sindresorhus P-lazy
Create a lazy promise that defers execution until `.then()` or `.catch()` is called
p-limit sindresorhus P-limit
Run multiple promise-returning & async functions with limited concurrency
p-locate sindresorhus P-locate
Get the first fulfilled promise that satisfies the provided testing function
p-log sindresorhus P-log
Log the value/error of a promise
p-map sindresorhus P-map
Map over promises concurrently
p-map parro-it P-map
Map over promises concurrently