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GitHub name Profile Status badge Description
v-autocomplete mokkabonna V-autocomplete
Autocomplete component for Vue.js
v-autocomplete rayrutjes V-autocomplete
Autocomplete component for Vue.js
v-button whitef0x0 V-button
AngularJS pressable button with a busy indicator.
v-charts yugasun V-charts
基于 Vue2.0 和 ECharts 封装的图表组件📈📊
v-click-outside francois2metz V-click-outside
🔲 Vue directive to react on clicks outside an element without stopping the event propagation
v-is-for rydn V-is-for
Virtual Host control interface, a reverse proxy with a pretty face
v-manip-server v-manip V-manip-server
v-qrcode dsh0416 V-qrcode
A Vue QRCode Component
v-tooltip francois2metz V-tooltip
Easy tooltips with Vue 2.x
v-tooltip ekampp V-tooltip
Easy tooltips with Vue 2.x
v-transcoder ging V-transcoder
A video transcoder as a service application
The Siteleaf theme for my website.
v12 llazzaro V12
My try to create async version of Mechanic WWW browser
v1ral eprislac V1ral
This game is called V1r@l (viral) a work-in-progress way for me to train myself in the use of Angular2, Typescript, and other technologies.
V2EX-mobile helloyokoy V2ex-mobile
v2ex_cli V2ex_cli
[ABANDONED] Command line interface to
v3-capi-docs cloudfoundry-incubator V3-capi-docs
v35 groverz V35
v3c rwth-acis V3c
Official repository for VIRTUS Virtual VET Center (V3C), developed in the context of the VIRTUS project
V3n0M-Scanner drptbl V3n0m-scanner
Popular linux version of Balthazar/NovaCygni's "v3n0m" scanner.
V3n0M-Scanner AN0NOni0n V3n0m-scanner
V3n0M-Scanner SQLi/XSS/LFI/RFI and other Vulns , Parrot Security Linux Script
v3simple-spatial dmccrevan V3simple-spatial
v3simple-spatial arcolife V3simple-spatial
v4-demo kuu V4-demo
A sample web site for demonstrating Ooyala V4 player
v4-multi-device-test kuu V4-multi-device-test
v4-skin-demo kuu V4-skin-demo
v8-autodoc Qard V8-autodoc
The beginnings of an automated documentation service for the V8 versions in node/io.js
v8-code-dump-parser JLHwung V8-code-dump-parser
Parse v8 --print-code or --print-opt-code output and stringify it back
v8-code-dump-parser eush77 V8-code-dump-parser
Parse v8 --print-code or --print-opt-code output and stringify it back
v8-debug V8-debug
v8 debugger extending API