All monitored public projects

GitHub name Profile Status badge Description
w-drive-extractor codeforamerica W-drive-extractor
w000t odwrtw W000t
URL shortner
w20 W20
W20 is the Web framework of SeedStack, built upon a powerful RequireJS/AngularJS/Bootstrap mix to help you develop single page applications.
w20-bootstrap-2 W20-bootstrap-2
Bootstrap 2 integration for W20.
w20-bootstrap-3 W20-bootstrap-3
Bootstrap 3 integration for W20.
w20-business-theme W20-business-theme
W20 business-oriented theme.
w20-components W20-components
Rich components for W20.
w20-dataviz W20-dataviz
Data visualization for W20.
w20-extras W20-extras
Various extra components for W20.
w20-hypermedia-sample W20-hypermedia-sample
A W20 client for the catalog microservice.
w20-i18n-addon W20-i18n-addon
W20 client for i18n add-on.
w20-material W20-material
Google material design integration for W20.
w20-monitoring-addon W20-monitoring-addon
W20 client for monitoring add-on.
w20-simple-theme W20-simple-theme
Simple W20 theme with plain bootstrap styling and a basic top menu.
w2h-dev punkave W2h-dev
Small helper script for prepping w2h dev environment
w2ptool progre W2ptool
w2ui sgruhier W2ui
JavaScript UI library for data-driven web applications
w2ui wolfmanx W2ui
JavaScript UI library for data-driven web applications
w2ui glycerine W2ui
JavaScript UI library for data-driven web applications
w3 tjanczuk W3
w3_client_api luizpicolo W3_client_api
Specific API for w3case clients
w3blogexample toliveanddie W3blogexample
The bootstrap tutorial blog example brought to life with Rails
w3c-keycode marijnh W3c-keycode
A mapping from KeyEvent.keyCode numbers to KeyEvent.code strings
w3c-keyname marijnh W3c-keyname
Get a KeyboardEvent.key-style string from an event
w3c-link-validator 99xt W3c-link-validator
Command line tool, identifying broken links, validate basic html standards and reporting
w3c-manifest-loader jgraichen W3c-manifest-loader
W3C manifest.json loader for webpack
w3c-validate busbud W3c-validate
Validates web content using the W3C's validation service
w3c_css_validator k3rni W3c_css_validator
w3c_datetime itsudo W3c_datetime
Parses and outputs date and time according to W3C date and time formats
w3c_validators spk W3c_validators
A Ruby wrapper for the World Wide Web Consortium’s online validation services.