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GitHub name Profile Status badge Description
y carlos121493 Y
y-auc split-n Y-auc
y-combinator fibo Y-combinator
is one of the fixed-point combinators in untyped lambda calculus
y-connect nov Y-connect
y-header floatdrop Y-header
Header component
y-indexeddb-encrypted pgte Y-indexeddb-encrypted
IndexedDB database adapter for Yjs
y-ipfs-poc pgte Y-ipfs-poc
Y.js over IPFS PoC
y-ipfs-store pgte Y-ipfs-store
Yjs store over IPFS
y-tabs floatdrop Y-tabs
Tabs component
y-u-no-follow-back julienschmidt Y-u-no-follow-back
Busting those "friends" since 2017
y18n yargs Y18n
:ledger: the bare-bones i18n library used by yargs
ya-base62 andrew Ya-base62
Yet Another Base62, first and foremost designed to encode to and decode from structured strings.
ya-csv zaption Ya-csv
ya-csv shimondoodkin Ya-csv
CSV parser/writer for Node.js
ya-csv OndroNR Ya-csv
CSV parser/writer for Node.js
ya-csv TooTallNate Ya-csv
CSV parser/writer for Node.js
ya-csv diversario Ya-csv
CSV parser/writer for Node.js
ya-dancer TwigWorld Ya-dancer
Adds health check status url for django applications
ya-form danmcclain Ya-form
ya-input danmcclain Ya-input
ya-npm-search-cli swdyh Ya-npm-search-cli
ya-npm-search-server swdyh Ya-npm-search-server
ya-ui ali322 Ya-ui
web components build with React
ya2yaml sheerun Ya2yaml
Official Ya2YAML repository; Ya2YAML is "yet another to_yaml". It emits YAML document with complete UTF8 support (string/binary detection, "\u" escape sequences and Unicode specific line breaks).
ya_acl kaize Ya_acl
Yet Another Acl
ya_acl Ya_acl
Yet Another Acl
ya_acl Undev Ya_acl
Yet Another Acl
ya_metric kinderly Ya_metric
ya_metrika shved270189 Ya_metrika
Ruby gem for API Yandex Metrika
yaaak tshedor Yaaak