All monitored public projects

GitHub name Profile Status badge Description
vue-chartjs-vuex apertureless Vue-chartjs-vuex
Sample project for vue-chartjs with vuex
vue-chartkick ankane Vue-chartkick
Create beautiful charts with one line in Vue.js
vue-cli agonbina Vue-cli
a CLI utility to scaffold new Vue.js components, mixins, etc
vue-cli watilde Vue-cli
Simple CLI for scaffolding Vue.js projects
vue-cli presidenten Vue-cli
Simple CLI for scaffolding Vue.js projects
vue-cli phanan Vue-cli
Simple CLI for scaffolding Vue.js projects
vue-cli-template xpepermint Vue-cli-template
A simple server-side rendering CLI template for Vue.js.
vue-cli-todomvc addyosmani Vue-cli-todomvc
TodoMVC built using the Vue.js 2.0 CLI 🍰
vue-clickaway robinvdvleuten Vue-clickaway
Reusable clickaway directive for reusable Vue.js components
vue-cnode differui Vue-cnode
vue-code ianaya89 Vue-code
Vue.js component for code examples using Prism highlighter
vue-component-template monterail Vue-component-template
A full-featured Webpack + vue-loader setup with hot reload, linting, testing & css extraction.
vue-contacts tychio Vue-contacts
create an app for contacts by VueJS
vue-cookie linroex Vue-cookie
A Vue.js plugin for manipulating cookies
vue-cookie-law apertureless Vue-cookie-law
🍪 👮 Hackable EU Cookie Law Plugin for Vue.js
vue-dash-generator kei-s Vue-dash-generator
Generates a Dash docset for Vue.js using Gulp
vue-date-picker mikeerickson Vue-date-picker
datepicker component for Vue.js
vue-demo songlipeng2003 Vue-demo
vue-drag-and-drop whitef0x0 Vue-drag-and-drop
A for Vue.js directive for providing drag and drop capabilities to elements and data
vue-droid heckpsi-lab Vue-droid
Android UIKits for Vue.js
vue-dropzone steven5538 Vue-dropzone
A Vue.js component for Dropzone.js - a drag’n’drop file uploads utility with image previews
vue-easy-tags paulmillr Vue-easy-tags
vue-esc ianaya89 Vue-esc
:running: Vue.js directive to add a document event listener on escape keyup.
vue-events-plugin ianaya89 Vue-events-plugin
Vue plugin to work with event library
vue-example xpepermint Vue-example
Vue.js example application (server-side rendering, router, vuex store, form validation, i18n & l10n)
vue-examples BogdanLivadariu Vue-examples
A repository to show examples of using Vue
vue-exercises rtablada Vue-exercises
vue-express-mongo-boilerplate whitef0x0 Vue-express-mongo-boilerplate
Express NodeJS application server boilerplate with Mongo and VueJS
vue-facebook-signin-button phanan Vue-facebook-signin-button
A simple plugin to include a custom Facebook sign-in button into your web app.
vue-file-upload-component yalab Vue-file-upload-component
A simple file upload component for Vue.js. Emits events for XHR Upload Progress for nice progress bars.