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spader collin Spader
get your javascript files already wrapped up for minispade
spades Spades
Spades is a plain-trick game in which spades are always trumps. It is most often played as a partnership game by four players, but there are also versions for three, two or six players.
spaggers stuartpb Spaggers
Modules for simplifying fonts into arrays of vertex lists
Spaghetti m4l1c3 Spaghetti
Spaghetti - Web Application Security Scanner
spaghetti owahab Spaghetti
Infinite scrolling for Rails 3.2+
spaghetti prezi Spaghetti
Type-safe APIs for compile-to-JavaScript modules
spaghetti tomas Spaghetti
Wrapper around GStreamer's gst-launch for Node.js.
spaghetti-hello prezi Spaghetti-hello
spaghetti-todomvc prezi Spaghetti-todomvc
We rewrite the TypeScript+Angular example of TodoMVC, using Kotlin and Spaghetti.
spahql dfellis Spahql
A query language for Javascript data. Extracted from Spah.
spain tombatossals Spain
Spain SVG map game
spalah2017 shved270189 Spalah2017
spalah2017_deploy shved270189 Spalah2017_deploy
spalah_gem shved270189 Spalah_gem
spalah_test shved270189 Spalah_test
spam iandotkelly Spam
Node.js Simple Process Manager
spam teamon Spam
spam jeremyevans Spam
Simple Personal Accounting Manager
spam datasektionen Spam
spam GeorgeErickson Spam
spam-link-analyser limonte Spam-link-analyser
PHP library to check if link is spam
spam-roulette halkeye Spam-roulette
spam_check JacksonTian Spam_check
spam_email sofatutor Spam_email
spamassassin-cookbook zuazo Spamassassin-cookbook
Chef cookbook to install and configure SpamAssassin.
spamassassin-node-api marcinbunsch Spamassassin-node-api
Node API that accepts JSON and passes it to a SpamAssassin docker container. Returns JSON containing information about the email's evaluation.
spambust chiku Spambust
Sinatra form helper to reduce spams
spambust-sample chiku Spambust-sample
Demonstrate how to use spambust gem
spamcheck-python Tesorio Spamcheck-python
:envelope: Simple Python wrapper for Postmark's Spamcheck API
spamgun-api nsarno Spamgun-api
A web service to automatically reply to targeted ads online.