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GitHub name Profile Status badge Description
structable kachick Structable
Struct like APIs
structify uetchy Structify
Morphological sentence analyzer.
structjs rkusa Structjs
Structjs allows mapping of contiguously allocated binary data to JavaScript objects for both Node.js and the Browser.
structlog codeinthehole Structlog
Structured Logging for Python
structor viktorbezdek Structor
User interface builder for React
structor Structor
An advanced GUI editor for React
structor mwhite Structor
An advanced visual editor for React components
structural Structural
A lightning fast data structure library.
Structural Respect Structural
Fluent NoSQL Toolkit
structural gavinlaking Structural
Simple models based on hashes
structure vesln Structure
Struct generator. Node.js
structure wenderjean Structure
A simple schema/attributes library built on top of modern JavaScript
structure-assertions mechanoid Structure-assertions
structure assertions to validate the html interface usage of frontend components
structure-demo joshuaclayton Structure-demo
structure-view alibaba Structure-view
Yang Structure View for ATOM editor, just like Outline view in Eclipse or Structure tool window in IDEA / WebStorm, provides quick navigation for symbols of source code with a tree view.
structure_sql_to_migration garysweaver Structure_sql_to_migration
A rake task to generate a migration with up and down using db/structure.sql as input.
structure_validator cloud8421 Structure_validator
Validate Ruby hashes against an expected structure
structured-catalog mozilla Structured-catalog
Downloads structured logs and stores the data therein to a database
structured-event-logger Shopify Structured-event-logger
structured-source Constellation Structured-source
Structured Source code
structured-text grosser Structured-text
nothing here yet...
structured_logger nishidayuya Structured_logger
A structured logger with Ruby's Logger interface.
structured_warnings compwron Structured_warnings
This is an implementation of Daniel Berger's proposal of structured warnings for Ruby.
StructureJS omni360 Structurejs
JavaScript / TypeScript Library
structures shamasis Structures
Just a bunch of data structures
structures otobrglez Structures
Ruby implementation of some well-know data structures.
structuring-backbone-with-requirejs-and-marionette loginwashere Structuring-backbone-with-requirejs-and-marionette
Source code for the "Structuring Backbone Code with RequireJS and Marionette Modules" book available at
structx keita Structx
structx is a Ruby library for extending standard Struct.
strulidator vslinko Strulidator
[DEPRECATED] Use vstack-validator
strummer srushti Strummer
Structural matching for JavaScript (It's funner!)