All Python packages

Name Latest version Description
Pypi A-library 3.4
Automated Library is a software to ease the entire library-book issuing process contributing to overall standards of the library and ensuring transparent and smooth conduction of the library processes
Pypi A3MIO 0.0.1
A3M/A2M I/O for BioPython
Pypi ABBA 0.1.0
Tools for statistical analysis of A/B test results
Pypi ABBYY 0.3
ABBYY Cloud OCR API Wrapper.
Pypi ABC
Pypi ABN 0.3.7
Validate Australian Business Numbers.
Pypi ABear
'ABear' bear for coala (
Pypi ABtests
Automated AB tests
Pypi AC-Flask-HipChat 0.2.12
Atlassian Connect library based on Flask for HipChat
Pypi ACAutomation 0.7
ACAutomation python wrapper,support unicode
Pypi ACCC 0.0.3
Always Correct Correctness Compilator
Pypi ACNLogger 1.0.4
Pypi ACO-Pants 0.5.2
A Python3 implementation of the ACO Meta-Heuristic
Pypi ACSpy 0.0.4
Package for working with ACS motion controllers.
Pypi ACedIt 1.1.1
Download and test against sample test cases from any competitive programming website
Pypi AChemKit 0.3.0
An Artificial Chemistry Tookit
Pypi ADAM-API 0.3
Pypi ADAM-Tools 0.27dev
ADAM Reflectance Database Toolkit
Pypi ADB-Wifi 0.3.3
Pypi ADDPIO 1.0.3b1
Android IO project
Ejemplo del funcionamiento de distutils
Pypi ADLES 1.3.6
Automated Deployment of Lab Environments System (ADLES)
Pypi ADPY 0.12.alpha
ADPY is a Python library for algorithmic differentiation
Pypi ADSBibTeX 1.0.9
Pypi ADTLib 2.1.2
Automated Drum Trancription Library
Pypi ADTLibNew 12.2
Tensorflow CS
Adaptive Data Tabulation Markup
Pypi ADiPy 0.6.3
Automatic Differentiation for Python